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United States Constitution

Quest Clubs offer badges for the United States Constitution  in the DISCOVER KNOWLEDGE category.  Young students may earn badges by following the requirements listed on the Quest Clubs website OR they may design their own project with the approval of a parent or mentor.  Custom projects should follow the outline on the Skill Project Sheet (see attachment below).   
The following project ideas are included under United states Constitution
The 5000 Year Leap - by Cleon Skousen
US Declaration of Independence
US Constitution
The Proper Role of Government

Resources for ages 8-14:

The Tuttle Twins:  The Tuttle Twins series of books helps children learn about political and economic principles in a fun and engaging manner. With colorful illustrations and a fun story, your children will follow Ethan and Emily as they learn about liberty!


We are Liberty Kids:  Teaching children a deep appreciation for America's Founding Principles protects our future. LEARN them. LIVE them. LOVE them.

Learning about the federal government doesn't have to be boring. Congress for Kids gives you access to interactive, fun-filled experiences designed to help you learn about the foundation of our federal government and how its actions affect you. Although designed for students in grades fourth through high school, other students, teachers, parents, and interested citizens will find helpful, engaging activities, too.

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Learning about the federal government doesn't have to be boring. Congress for Kids gives you 

Ben’s Guide to Government for Kids:   http://bensguide.gpo.gov/
This is a good site to use as reference to teach the kids about our Government and how it operates.

Resources for ages 14+

Written in clear, enjoyable 1½ page sections, each easily read in 3-5 minutes. It tells the history, Founders, principles, enemies, and restoration of our inspired Constitution in 129 concise, powerful vignettes. 

Lessons of the Constitution  Parent/Teacher Companion Volume

Educate young people on the history, principles, and caustic changes made to the Constitution. Give students experience in applying constitutional principles and reinforce moral standards. Develop critical thinking skills as you guide youth to grasp the power of our original inspired governing document.

Youth can understand and apply constitutional concepts as their instructors guide discussions of these three questions with the help of additional scriptures, activities, and teaching aids provided in Lessons of the Constitution: Parent/Teacher Supplement. Lists of resource materials identify books for youth to read and visual materials to enhance the learning experience

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Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land

This new study course, Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the
 is presented by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.   In this course you will learn the basic principles that are embodied in our founding document, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  You will also become conversant with each part of the Constitution and understand, perhaps for the first time, how nearly every problem we face in America today could be easily solved by understanding and applying the wisdom of America's Founding Fathers.  

This course is for anyone 14 and up who wants to learn about the United States Constitution as established by America's Founders.  Proclaim Liberty is broken up into 23 easy to understand lessons with the average lesson length of approximately 30 minutes.  All of the videos for this course are free for you to view online.

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The Law by Frederick Bastiat

Study Guide from Liberty University:  http://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1109&context=gov_fac_pubs

Tammy Hulse,
Oct 19, 2012, 9:23 AM
Tammy Hulse,
Oct 19, 2012, 9:23 AM