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Practical Math Skills


The Heart of Mathematics: An Invitation to Effective Thinking By Edward B. Burger

College Level Textbook that is great for teens and adults.  This book offers an engaging and mind-opening experience for even the most math-phobic users. It is written for non-math, non-science-oriented majors and encourages students to discover the mathematics inherent in the world around them. Infused throughout with the authors' humor and enthusiasm, The Heart of Mathematics introduces students to the most important and interesting ideas in mathematics while inspiring them to actively engage in mathematical thinking.



Money Matters for Teens by Larry Burkett

Money Matters is not a traditional curriculum but should be considered when looking at teaching aids for consumer math. The book is divided into several units such as stewardship, money, attitude, planning, banking, spending and career. The units are divided into seven lessons. Students are taught that if they don't take control of their money, someone else will. There are two accompaniment workbooks. One is geared for those 11 to 14 year old and the other is aimed at students 15 to 18 years old. The workbooks offer additional age appropriate materials. This series comes from the respected Christian financial counselor Larry Burkett, who is the founder of Crown Financial Ministries.



Everyday Survival Skills - Hayes School Publishing

If you are looking for a low-key approach and don't want to use the entire textbook approach, you may want to use this workbook. It is laid out very simply and covers the basics in an easy to understand format. There are exercises on checking and savings accounts, loans, and insurance. There are also "how-tos" for shopping, travel, voting and materials dealing with social security, job applications, and aptitude tests. This workbook includes a teacher's key. A mom with a learning disabled child praised this workbook because it met her needs so nicely and didn't frustrate her son.



Learning Business Math - Math Tutor Educational Software

Here is a curriculum for students who enjoy working on the computer as opposed to text or workbooks. There is a review of basic math skills prior to coverage on topics such as income and wages, taxes, checking and savings accounts, cash purchases and comparison shopping. This is an interactive business math tutorial where the student can set the pace that is best for them.




A great way to introduce and reinforce consumer math in your student's education is through fun board games. The following games produced by Wiebe Carlson & Associates are available through homeschool supply vendors and education resource stores.

  • Budget Game (grades 4 to 12): This is a fast paced game where players try to pay bills, make investments, remit taxes and keep from losing all their money.
  • Discount Game (grades 5 to 12): The over 400 real life challenges in this game teach players to make purchases, compute percentages, keep financial records and reconcile accounts.
  • Managing Your Money - (grades 4 to 12): This is a series of games that helps students practice real life consumer skills. It helps to answer the age old question, "Why do I need to learn this?"
  • Bank Account Game (grades 5 to 12): In this game, players balance checking accounts, write checks, make deposits, pay taxes, medical and grocery bills, make car payments, and are required to keep accurate records. It includes checks, deposit slips and currency.
  • Old favorites like Hasbro's Monopoly and The Game of Life by Milton Bradley are also good choices for fun ways to sharpen student's consumer math skills.



Dave Ramsey Money for Teens



Dave Ramsey Money for Kids (3-12) http://www.daveramsey.com/store/cKIDS3TO13.html?ectid=store.fpuwbook


Visa Practical Money Skills (you can order these products and entire kits free)



VISA Financial Literacy for Everyone Curriculum & Lesson Plans for multiple grade levels



Banzai Financial Literacy Program (offered by SAC Federal Credit Union)



Consumer Math: Preparing Students for Life



Basic Mathematics



Consumer Math Lessons (Lesson plans and activities for all grade levels)



Classic Math Resources