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If parents are looking for a structured vocabulary/spelling course, the Spelling/Vocabulary books from A Beka are a great resource.  They provide one spelling workbook for each school year beginning with 1st grade 

Visit the A Beka website at http://www.abeka.com

Look under the subject heading of Spelling. 

The A Beka workbooks also contain a section for poetry.  These are great poems for students to memorize during the year.  

Words and Their Stories

For decades, vocabulary study has relied on memorization and recall. However, these methods can be tedious and ineffective.

Words and Their Stories uses state-of-the-art Flash interaction to transform vocabulary study using the WATS ("Words and Their Stories") system -- a vocabulary acquisition process based on inductive reasoning. WATS requires students to apply etymology and critical thinking skills (application, analysis, synthesis) in a sequential, inductive process to develop true understanding of word meaning.

Words and Their Stories applies the WATS process to general vocabulary study, as well as standardized test preparation and literature-specific vocabulary that is then combined with activities designed to improve reading comprehension skills. All products are delivered through engaging multimedia and are designed specifically for grades 5 and up, allowing both individualized instruction and self-paced study. Full assessment and reporting features are available and all programs meet or exceed both state and national standards.

Finally, vocabulary study that is fun and effective!

Click here to learn more about Words and Their Stories

Discount pricing available to home school families at:  https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org

Other Spelling Resources:

Other Vocabulary Resources:

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According to the website it is “the quickest, most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.”



Interlink Language Centers (An ESL Language Enhancement Program)



Student Vocabulary Workshop (cool site with audio instructor)



Flash Cards


Web Links for additional resources in Language Arts:

Handwriting/Cursive:  http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/021178/58b1e55e94c6d8f7059f2ef0  

Home Spelling Words http://www.homespellingwords.com/default.aspx (spelling lists by grade)

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High Frequency words http://firstschoolyears.com/literacy/word/other/hfw/hfw.htm

High Frequency K-5 http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/ela4/h/highwords.htm


High Frequency Games & Exercises http://thephonicsproject1.pbworks.com/w/page/33152342/HighFrequency

English Vocabulary Building Games