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Family and Community Service

Participants are encouraged to participate in community service.  Consider all opportunities that are available to youth including within the family, community, church and school. 

Print the Community Service log that is attached below and include it in the binder for participants to record all service experiences.   This log will be a valuable source of information as children apply for scholarships, colleges and universities.  


Habit Building from Milestone Academy:  http://www.milestonesacademy.com/Site/Habit_Building.html


Quest Clubs offers a MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD for community service. The award is earned by planning and executing your own community service project.  Projects must be submitted to the club leader or parent for approval prior to execution. 

 make a diff


Quest Clubs also offers a SERVANT HEART award for community service.   Requirements for the award depend on age.   Follow instructions on the Quest Clubs website to apply for this recognition. 

Preschool – 5 hours = red heart

servants heart red


Level 1 – 5 hours = red heart

servants heart red

  Level 2 – 10 hours  = silver heart

 servant's heart silver

 Level 3 – 15 hours = gold heart


servant heart gold


Level 4 – 20 hours = gold diamond heart

servants heart gold diamond


Leaders – 100 hours = gold ruby heart

servants heart leader

Tammy Hulse,
Oct 19, 2012, 7:12 AM