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American and World History

Quest Clubs offer badges for American and World History in the DISCOVER THE WORLD category.  Young students may earn badges by following the requirements listed on the Quest Clubs website OR they may design their own project with the approval of a parent or mentor.  Custom projects should follow the outline on the Skill Project Sheet (see attachment below).   

The following resources are available to learn more about American and World History


Promises of the Constitution  http://www.promisesoftheconstitution.com/#!books/cnec

The Freedom Series available from Libraries of Hope

America Land of Principles and Promises, available on our HFA Store

This Week in History from TJed:  http://www.tjed.org/twih/

Games and Activities:

President's Day Activities:   http://homemakersforamerica.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/AbrahamLincoln-kids-corner.pdf

History Games Online:  http://www.history.org/kids/games/

American History Games online:  http://www.gamequarium.com/americanhistory.html

Flames of Rebellion Game (Revolutionary War:)  http://library.thinkquest.org/10966/data/flames.shtml

Plymouth for Kids Site:  http://www.plimoth.org/learn/just-kids

Great Americans

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride:  http://www.paulreverehouse.org/ride/

George Washington's World for Kids:  http://www.washingtonsworld.org/

Other Resources:

Family Heritage Series from Robert Welch University

When the Family Heritage Series first appeared in 1973, it was described as "a weekly discussion of Americanist truths and traditions for those 'heirs of all ages' who will have to preserve that most important inheritance of all -- freedom."  The series had several objectives:

  1. To fill a serious gap in teaching sound American history unbiased by socialist, anti-American spins.
  1. Give parents an opportunity to impart positive values to their children.
  1. Promote family unity, loyalty, and respect.

In later years, many who had been introduced to the series in the 70's have expressed an interest in gaining access to these lessons. RWU is happy to make them easily available to all via the Internet.


History Printables
from Layers-of-Learning

Education.com has created some excellent worksheets.  Visit the following link State by State Worksheetsand look through the various state worksheets available.  The Fun pages for each state are a great resource to use when building your State by State notebook, or just to enhance your study of the states in a fun way.   

For more worksheets like this visit www.education.com

Road Trip U.S.A. History and Geography  (from Confessions of a Home Schooler)

Come along with us on an exciting journey learning about the U.S.A! From the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the wild west, you’ll uncover all the secrets this Nation has to offer! Within this curriculum you’ll discover the sights and sounds of all 50 states, including state symbols,U.S. Presidents, famous peoplelandmarks, historical events, and much more! 

Available at Confessions of a Home Schooler:  http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/u-s-geography

Home School in the Woods:

Unleash a love of learning in your child with hands-on history materials!
Featuring timelines, maps, Lap Books™, and history studies designed for your child to live the lessons!

The Power of an Hour - Ancient Times from Royal Academe:

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop:

Fun projects about Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Japan:  http://www.ellenjmchenry.com/homeschool-freedownloads/history-games/index.php

Soldier Paper figure printouts:  http://juniorgeneral.org/