Heart:  The heart represents more than transitory emotions of feelings.  The heart, in a descriptive sense, reflects the stable state of the personality, our current point of development relative to our ultimate potential.  The heart represents man's nucleus.  It is the character or disposition -- the governing attitude and feeling--of a person.
Liberty's Hope achievement program for nurturing the heart includes these five areas:
  1. Home and Family
  2. Heritage and Genealogy
  3. Patriotism
  4. Leadership
  5. Community Service
Quest Clubs offer a Fruit of the Spirit award for students at all levels who are developing noble virtues and character traits.  See the Quest Clubs site for more information. 

fruit of spirit

We also recognize that religion plays a critical role in the development of the heart.  Many denominations of religion have achievement programs for their youth and participation in these achievement programs is strongly encouraged.