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We understand the school closure is difficult for everyone. It is very important that you take care of yourself during this time. Please click here for more information and resources from Liberty High School Counseling and the Issaquah School District. These first few weeks will be about adjusting. IF things appear to be going well right now, be prepared for the "honeymoon" to end. IF things are tough right now, remember that this too shall pass. This current situation has a lot of unknowns and this may make the journey a little bit more bumpy. We want to encourage you to take care of the emotions. If that means taking a day to address it, then by all means help build that emotional capacity now. We are all going to need it.
And always remember that we care about you! 
Counseling Center Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:45-3:30
Wednesday: 8am - 4pm



· A—E: Ms. Laurel Shane, shanel@issaquah.wednet.edu

· F—Lt:  Ms. Vicki Kenney, kenneyv@issaquah.wednet.edu

· Lu—Ri:  Ms. April Flores, floresa@issaquah.wednet.edu

· Rj—Zz:  Ms. Robin Klym, klymr@issaquah.wednet.edu