$10 Base 2 Oz Piedforts

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The $10 base 2 oz Piedforts were introduced in 2004.  These were collectors items from the beginning.  Every one sold was encapsulated in an air-tite holder.  They are the same diameter (39 mm) as the one ounce silver Libery Dollars, but twice as thick (therefore the $20 face value) as can be seen in the edgewise photos below.  They were made in two varieties, the UNCIRCULATED and the serial numbered.  The edge of these Liberty Dollars is so thick that the word UNCIRCULATED and the serial numbers were stamped on the edges of the respective pieces.  The UNCIRCULATED version was distributed in a royal purple velvet bag.  The serial numbered pieces were distributed in royal blue jeweler's boxes.  Relatively few of these pieces were made, with the numbered pieces being a good bit rarer than the UNCIRCULATED pieces.

On 2/9/2013 ebay seller 'formillions' set a new high price for the piedforts.  I'm not sure exactly what it was because he sold a 5 oz., $50 and one each of the 2 oz. piedforts (serial numbered and 'UNCIRCULATED') in the same ad.  He got $2200 for the three pieces.  That is an average of $733.33 for each piece, which is a new high price for any one of them.  I suspect prices will go much higher before this is all said and done.  

The July 26, 2015 sale of Piedfort serial number 490 by ebay user hotag4you for $649 is the highest known individual sale of a numbered piece. 


Piedfort serial number 00132

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