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Missing and Dead, WWII

Army and Army Air Force
Transcribed by bjcb, 2 May 2010
Abbreviation: Types of Casualties
DNB - Died, non-battle
DOI - Died of injuries
DOW - Wounded and later died
FOD - Under Public Law 490, Finding of Death
KIA - Killed in Action
M - Missing
Serial No.
Bateman, Martin V. 34200206 Pvt. KIA
Chason, Elton E. 34531281 Pvt. KIA
Duggar, Alfred L. 34057249 PFC DNB
Floyd, Arnett 34007744 PFC DNB
Henderson, William B. 14018639 Pvt. KIA
Hinton, Charlie M. 0-669046 1st Lt. DNB
Mercer, Delmar C. 34092531 Tec 5 DNB
Neese, Charlie R., Jr. 34833885 Pvt. KIA
Stewart, Lloyd 34092531 PFC DNB
Wood, Dewey T. 34789173 PFC KIA