At Liberty City our aim is to develop an immersive and dynamic Combat & Roleplay System that allows players the freedom to choose their role and style of play within their role. Liberty is more than just a name, it's an ethos.

The City & System are designed to offer the opportunity for Police Officers to play it 'By The Book' or to be 'As Bent As A $9 Note', for EMS Staff to uphold their Hippocratic oath or to make sure a few bottles of promethazine go missing from the pharmacy here and there.

Whether you want to be a normal law-abiding citizen who works a simple 9 to 5 at Urban Burger, or you want to be the next Pablo Escobar... Liberty City is the place you can.
The purpose of this website is to act as a central hub to provide new and existing players with information about the community and gameplay at Liberty City in Second Life.