Welcome to the official website of Liberty Township Government!  The Civil Township of Liberty is located in the County of Brown in the State of South Dakota in the United States of America.  The primary purposes of the township are to maintain public access roadways, levy local taxes, and provide for public safety.  To navigate this website, please use the links located to the left of this message.  Township road maps can be located by clicking here.  To sign up for official township messages delivered via e-mail, please see the Mailing List page.

Farming the "Right of Way" Is Against the Law...

        Over the past year, the SD Association of Towns and Townships seem to be asked on a more frequent basis questions in regards to farming of the ditch and destruction of the roadways.  Just recently a township was involved in a small claims lawsuit against a landowner  who's slow but steady farming of the right-of-way damaged the road.  The township sued to seek recovery of the repair costs after the landowner refused to cooperate in reconstructing the road.  The Court awarded the township a judgment for the cost of repairing the road.
        State law makes it a criminal offense to destroy the roadway and the ditches.  Such action may result in criminal charges or civil penalties (or both) against the landowner.  Depending on the nature of the damage and circumstances, the criminal charges range from a Class 2 to a Class 1 Misdemeanor or even a Class 6 Felony.   In addition, civil penalties of two or three times greater the cost of repairing the damage within the right of way can be imposed upon the landowner for damage.  Furthermore, farming the right of way or placing obstructions such as drainage trenches, fences or rock piles within the right of way may  create a public hazard and increases liability exposure for both the landowner and the township.