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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy:

• We are committed to high standards
We require our volunteers and staffs to comply with the law (including data protection and health & safety) and with the codes of conducts for our donors.

• We are honest and open
We tell the truth.  We don’t exaggerate.  We do what we say we’ll do.  We answer all reasonable questions about our activities and costs.

• We are clear
We strive to be clear and transparent in all that we do, and how your donation will be used.

• We are respectful
We respect your rights, dignities and privacy, and won’t put undue pressure on you to make a gift.  If you wish to stop giving, or don’t want to be contacted by us in the future, we’ll respect your decision.

• We are fair and reasonable
We take care not to use any pictures or words that cause unjustifiable distress or offence, and endeavour not to cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption.

• We are accountable

We use all donations and funds receive for the intended purposes and make accurate financial reports to the donors.