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“Because modern ZOO-directors know more about the
inborn needs of their animals, than company-directors about
the innate needs of people…  
the cages in modern zoo's are better for animals, than 
modern offices for people.”
Theo Compernolle. 2014 

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Why this separate booklet on the Fifth BrainChain?

Originally the book "BRAINCHAINS" had a chapter about "The fifth BrainChain: badly designed offices".
The book, however, is mostly about things you can do yourself to improve your intellectual performance and creativity. 
There is usually not much you can do about your office, when the executives of your company where ignorant about the negative impact on productivity of open offices, when they built or rented an open office. 

Therefore I took out that chapter and turned it into a free separate book, with a summary of the research about the very significant negative impact of open (plan) offices on the intellectual performance and productivity.
You can use this text to inform the managers responsible about the facilities at your company and to get a bad office redesigned.
You can also distribute this text freely to mobilize as many open office victims as possible to to get a bad office redesigned.

For the moment I only have the manuscript. I hope to turn it in a free book soon.
Choose your format for downloading below.

The text is FREE TO COPY AND DISTRIBUTE under the Creative Commons Copyright rules, but please respect the many hours of work I have invested in researching the subject and writing the text.

You are free: 
to Share
— to copy, distribute and transmit this work 
to Remix
— to adapt the work 
Under the following conditions:
1: Attribution: 
f you want to quote from or refer to this booklet, do it in the following manner: “The Open Office is Naked. The Fifth BrainChain” by Theo Compernolle. MD., PhD. COMPUBLICATIONS. 2014.  
2. Share Alike: If you alter, transform or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or a similar free copyright license as this one. 

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Theo Compernolle,
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