Do you need this book? 10 questions


1 - At work I usually juggle at least five tasks at the same time, constantly switching back and forth between them, often without completing them (for example interrupting the writing of a memo to answer a call, then answering a few e-mails, being interrupted by my boss or a colleague with a more urgent request, going back to the last e-mail, then to the memo etc…) YES/NO

2 - I always check my e-mail before doing other things YES/NO

3 - When I’m online and someone needs me, I usually say “just a few more minutes” before stopping YES/NO

4 - I am regularly online on the toilet YES/NO

5 - I usually sleep less than 7 hours YES/NO

6 - I often experience a continuous (low) level of stress or tension YES/NO

7 - At work, I am only able to work undisturbed for 45 minutes on a single task (no phone, no e-mail, no messages) twice a week or less YES/NO

8 - Even if I am not disturbed, I find it difficult to stay concentrated on a book or an important but long report for at least half an hour YES/NO


• You answered yes only once: Reading this book is not urgent, but you may learn a lot of fascinating things about your brain that will help you to be more efficient and effective.

• Your only yes is that you sleep less than 7 hours: Go straight to the chapter entitled “Brainchain #4” about the impact of sleep on intellectual productivity and creativity. You can read more later.

• You answered yes more than once: The more times you answered yes, the more urgent and important it is to read this book. Your efficiency and effectiveness at work will improve by at least 20% and more likely 50%. The more yeses, the greater the gain.


9 - I regularly make phone calls while driving YES/NO

10 - I sometimes text (SMS) while driving YES/NO


• You answered yes to at least one of these questions: Turn immediately to Section 2, Chapter 8 and read it now. For you, this is urgent and important. You can read the rest of the book later.


If you answered “yes” several times in the following questionnaires, think twice before you read about BrainChains. It may seriously harm your peace of mind.

At the moment you can still claim ignorance if you do things that totally ruin the quality and the quantity of your brainwork, that sometimes undermine your relations and that may even be dangerous. However, once you have read about BrainChains, if you still keep doing these things, you will feel stupid or guilty or both.

For the same reason, don’t give this book to anybody you think will answer “yes” many times, unless you are certain that the person can handle the brutal facts about the way (s)he ruins productivity and creativity.

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