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South Dakota

5.24.10 Dept. of Ed names course provider for virtual school
The South Dakota Department of Education tapped the Chester High Plains Alternative School as course provider for the South Dakota Virtual School, South Dakota's state-led virtual school.
"The South Dakota Virtual School is unique. We are not a credit-granting entity. Rather we are a clearinghouse of distance courses," Sarah Carter, who oversees the program for the Department of Education, told the Madison, S.D.  Daily Leader.
Carter told the Daily Leader that each provider of virtual courses awards the credit for the classes successfully completed by students.
Chester Superintendent Mark Greguson said High Plains was officially approved as a learning provider on April 9. Department of Education officials are in the process of approving individual applications for each of the 30 courses offered by the school. Greguson added that all course should be available for virtual enrollment by the fall.
Other approved virtual course providers in South Dakota include DIAL, the E-Learning Center at Northern State University, Learning Power, Black Hills State University, and Dakota State University.



South Dakota does have a state-led online program called the South Dakota Virtual School (SDVS). It is a consortium of approved virtual-education providers offering supplemental courses managed from within the South Dakota Department of Education. This the main online learning option for students in South Dakota. SDVS was created in 2006 and launched in March 2007.
  For the 2008-2009 school year the SDVS
•  Was available in 88 out of 192 districts, with  46 percent of those students enrolled in a SDVS course (of those 88 districts, 56 have student populations of less than 400.)
•  Offered 240 semester courses and s
erved approximately 2,300 students, according to the South Dakota Department of Education.


South Dakota does not have a virtual charter school that offers courses to students throughout the state.