Liang Xia

I received M.S. degree in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara in June 2014, under the guidance of Prof. Tim SherwoodMy interests are software engineering, distributed systems, operating system design and secure computer architecture. My profile at UCSB is here.



Software Engineer, Facebook, Menlo Park, July 2017 - 

Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View, July 2014 - July 2017
Outlook for Mac Team: enterprise software development for Microsoft Office 365.

Software Intern, NVIDIA Corporation, Santa Clara, June 2013 - September 2013
Tegra Power and Performance Team: I developed a forced idle driver in Android kernel to reduce leakage power for Tegra 4 CPU.

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Computer Science Department, UCSB, September 2013 - June 2014
Advisor: Tim Sherwood
Computer memory security research: reconstruct previous written data on SRAM through security holes and smart methodologies.
Taught C Programming language basics (freshman class) and Compilers (senior class).


Cloud Computing & Distributed Systems
1) Mining Ramsey Graphs on Cloud
Search graphs in accordance with Ramsey theory on various cloud computing infrastructures (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, HTCondor, etc.)

2) File System Implementation on Eucalyptus Cloud
Implemented a UNIX file system with FUSE library; tested it on Eucalyptus cloud; implemented inode management, disk block management, file I/O; optimized performance via namei cache.

3) Paxos
Implement the Paxos protocol and two phase commit.

SRAM Inspection
Built an automation system to inspect SRAM data pattern affected by stress writing tests; Analyze SRAM cell bias change.

NVIDIA Mobile CPU Idle Driver R&D
Implemented an CPU idle driver in Android kernel for boosting performance and power reduction. 

Multi-CPU Thermal Aware Scheduling
Advisors: Yongxin ZhuJun Yang
Please see publications below.

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