I have joined the Device Research laboratory (DRL) at UCLA in Apr. 2010, where I am currently a Research Associate. At UCLA I am a project manager of two DARPA multi-institution program to develop topological insulator materials based new devices and new functionalities, including servery university and industry partners. I am also managing the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) lab with 6 MBE machines and 14 researchers. I am specialized in semiconductor thin film growth, device process and characterization. My current research interests include material synthesis and characterization of novel semiconductors. 

Field of Expertise:

• 10+ years' extensive experience in epitaxial growth, including MBE, sputtering, CVD and PLD. Material systems have experienced are : 
   o     Diluted magnetic semiconductors in transition metal doped Si, Ge and GaAs; 
   o     Heusler alloys of Co2MnGe, and Co2Mn Si; 
   o     Topological insulators in Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3 and their derivatives.
   o     GaAs based quantum-well laser; 
• Material characterization, including: magneto-transport, SEM, TEM, Hall, AFM, XRD, PL, Raman and so on.


Latest News

11/13/13 My recent publications:
        Thickness-dependent bulk electronic properties in Bi2Se3 thin films revealed by infrared spectroscopy, Physical Review B, 88, 075121 (2013).
            Manipulating Surface-related Ferromagnetism in Modulation-doped Topological Insulators. Nano Letters, 13, 4587-4593, 2013 
            Interplay between Different Magnetisms in Cr-doped Topological Insulators”, ACS Nano, 7, 9205-9212, (2013)

03/01/13 Our work of "Review of 3D Topological Insulator Thin films Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Potential Applications" has been published on Physica Status Solidi, rapid research letter (invited review).

02/03/13 Our work of "Mapping the domain wall pinning profile by stochastic imaging reconstruction" has been published on Physical Review B, 87 (1), 014427 (2013).