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LYUBOFF Growing Interactive Baby  

Scripted and Animated
Age: 8 - 36 months old

This baby is a 'smart' baby and will interact and learn how to do things on her own as she gets older. You can also teach your baby how to use her items such as LYUBOFF potty, toys, pencils, building blocks, food, candy, little pool, sandbox, playpen, and many others. A young baby might be able to find her items, but might not be able to use them. Most of baby items will raise her stats and will make her happier if used. A happy and healthy baby can grow in size :)

Please read below, I included information that would answer most of your questions :))


This baby was designed to provide realistic experiences when raising a child. Some behaviors might be different for every baby and depend on your baby's age, needs, happiness, and on your interactions with the baby. We hoped that some unpredictable behaviors of your baby would add to the realism of the experience. Below is just some basic information to consider.


This option in the baby menu will show the overall happiness as well as the status of each of your baby's needs. Your baby has 6 different needs: hunger, diaper, rest, bath, fun, and love. Each stat will become 100% when raised, and then will gradually go down to 0%. It's sufficient to raise each stat to 100% only once per your baby's SL day. However, you can raise each stat multiple times if desired. If your baby's overall happiness reaches above 80% at least ONE TIME per your baby's SL day, your baby will grow in size when sleeping. Your baby's SL Growth range is from 0 to 200. Your baby will not grow in size after 200, but you can continue taking care of your baby even after she is grown and she will continue accumulating growth points.

Food stat is can be raised by feeding your baby with baby food or milk bottles. Baby food is sold separately. Hunger stat is the most important. If your baby is hungry, she will continue looking for food and might not sleep or listen to your commands to use other items. 

In baby version 55 and higher, your partner can also use milk bottles to feed your baby if he is using LYUBOFF Parent Chair version 14 and milk bottles version 14 or higher.

Diaper stat can be raised when using LYUBOFF Changing Table (available as part of LYUBOFF Baby Room) and a box of LYUBOFF diapers (sold separately). This stat can also be raised when your baby is using LYUBOFF Potty (sold separately) and a box of LYUBOFF diapers. Older babies can find and use LYUBOFF Potty on their own when needed. 

Rest stat can be raised by letting your baby sleep. Your baby can sleep in LYUBOFF Crib (available as part of LYUBOFF Baby Room), LYUBOFF Cradle (sold separately), or in LYUBOFF Playpen (sold separately). Your baby can find and use LYUBOFF Playpen for sleeping on her own when tired. The length of your baby's sleep depends on her SL day length, but also can vary slightly each time. E.g., if your baby's SL day = 4 RL hours, your baby will need about 20 minutes to sleep; if your baby's SL day = 24 RL hours, your baby will need about 4 hours to sleep. Your baby will wake up when hungry or when her sleep reaches 100%. Your baby can also wake up if you have LYUBOFF Puppy or LYUBOFF Ball rezzed, or if you click on some of the baby's items.

Bath stat can be raised when bathing using LYUBOFF Bath (available as part of LYUBOFF Baby Room) and a bottle of LYUBOFF Baby Wash (sold separately). This stat can also be raised when your baby is using LYUBOFF Pool and a bottle of LYUBOFF Baby Wash. Older babies can find and use LYUBOFF Pool on their own when needed. 

Fun stat can be raised by allowing your baby to play with LYUBOFF toys. This stat will also go up if your baby is playing with another LYUBOFF baby. Your baby can find and use LYUBOFF toys on her own if they are rezzed in the same room. 

Love stat can be raised by offering your baby a treat. You can direct your baby to use a treat, or your baby can find and use LYUBOFF treats on her own if they are rezzed in the same room. This stat can also be raised when one of the baby's parents reads a book to their baby (LYUBOFF Books can be used with LYUBOFF Parent Chair (sold separately). LYUBOFF Books and LYUBOFF Parent Chair can be used only by the baby's mother and father). 

Your baby will be able to find LYUBOFF items to use if you leave them rezzed. Most babies that are younger take longer time to find, while most babies that are older will find faster, but it is also different for every baby. Your baby can also find items that belong to other LYUBOFF babies and use them.

If your baby does not grow, your baby can get sick (NEVER die). All babies in real life get sick from time to time; it's a way for babies to develop a strong immune system. LYUBOFF baby can get sick only if her stats reach zero 3 times during 3 RL days. If your baby gets sick, her skin color will become pinkish (like running a fever). Your baby can recover on her own if your baby's stats reach above 80%. Your baby can also recover instantly if you use LYUBOFF Medicine (sold separately or you can see a LYUBOFF Doctor to get for free). If you know you are not going to be online for a long time, you can keep your baby in your inventory. When your baby is in your inventory, your baby will not get sick, but will continue getting older in age (NOT bigger in size).


This option in the baby menu will show your baby's age in months, weeks, and days. You can select how fast your baby's SL day would last. One SL day can be 4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 RL hours long. Your baby's stats will last per your baby's SL day. So, if you want your baby's stats to last longer, you can choose to have 1 SL Day to last 24 RL Hours. However, your baby can grow a little only 1 SL Growth point per her SL day. So, if you want your baby to grow faster, you can select to have 1 SL Day to last 4 RL Hours. Please note, when you change your baby's SL day length, your baby's stats will reset to zero, so use this option only when your baby's stats are zero or are almost zero.

Age and Growth are different. Your baby will get older and learn to walk and say simple words even if she does not grow in size. E.g., you can have a very small baby walking or a very big baby walking, just like we have different babies in RL.

Family & I
This option in the baby menu will allow you to select your baby's gender (boy or girl), your baby's hair (blond, brown, or black), your baby's eye color (blue, green, or brown), and your baby's type (human, vamp, lycan, or fantasy). You can also record your baby's parents (mother and father) and your baby's friends (have to be present to record). In addition, you can name your baby (will show over your baby's head) and select if your baby is a twin to use objects for one baby at a time if you have more than 1 LYUBOFF baby. If you set your baby to be a twin, remember to set his/her items to 'twin' when using. Twin babies can sleep in the same LYUBOFF Crib (available as part of LYUBOFF Baby Room).


LYUBOFF babies (age 8-24) love to crawl around and behave in their own way. However, you can direct your baby to do the following things through the menu: follow, crawl, sit, sleep, stop, and 'go home'. 'Go Home' will direct your baby to go to the location where your baby was rezzed. When your baby is older, 2 additional buttons will appear in the menu: walk and stand. However, your baby can start standing and then walking on her own when ready, without you directing her through the menu.


This menu option is available only when your baby is attached. When attached you can interact with your baby by doing the following: hold, hug, play, feed, burp, and rock. You will need to turn your AO off for the interactions to work properly.


There are 8 simple outfits included with the purchase (version 69 and higher). Additional outfits can be purchased separately.
If you need to bathe your baby, you can use an outfit box to take the baby's clothes off (included with the purchase).

Gestures, Sounds, and Accessories

Your baby's gestures include hello, goodbye, blow kiss, and peek-a-boo. You can select in the baby menu.

There are different baby sounds in the menu to select from.

You can also add or remove different accessories, such as baby's pacifier, hat, headband, earrings, and diaper (diaper can be removed only).


The default language for the baby menu is English, but it can be changed in the menu to be in Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. If you change the language in the menu, your baby will learn to speak simple words in that language when older.


There is a 'Help' button in the baby menu that will take you to this page.


If your baby is lost, you can use the 'Time-Out' to locate your baby anywhere on the sim.

For Partners

This baby is 'no transfer'. However, a partner can interact with the baby and help take care of the baby. All items that are NOT disposable (like LYUBOFF baby furniture) can be used by both parents, even for babies that have different owners (e.g., a mother owns 1 baby and a father owns 1 baby, but the same furniture items can be used by babies who have the same parents). LYUBOFF Closets and outfit boxes must be owned by the owner, but can be used by the partner as well. All disposable items that raise stats (like food, treats, toys, books, diaper boxes, and baby wash) can be purchased and used by parents and friends.

Both parents can also hold their baby on laps. To hold the baby on laps without passing the baby, parents can use LYUBOFF Parent Armchair. To raise the love stat while holding on laps, the parent can read a book to the baby. To raise the hunger stat while holding on laps, the parent of the baby can feed with a bottle of milk (available in version 55 and higher).


There are more than a variety LYUBOFF Baby Room Sets currently available. All are scripted to work with your baby. They include: a crib, a changing table, a bathing unit, a lamp, and an armchair. The same furniture items can be used by babies who have different owners but the same parents.

LYUBOFF cradle, high chair, playpen, and potty are sold separately and can be used by babies who have different owners but the same parents.

LYUBOFF Baby Pool and LYUBOFF Baby Sandbox are sold separately as well and can be used by babies who have different owners but the same parents. 


There are many additional items for this baby to use such as an animated puppy with a ball, a walker (animated), a rocking horse (animated), a swing (animated), a car to ride (animated)... and many other cute toys, beautiful outfits, and tasty treats... Please check the marketplace; all items that can be used with this baby have the daisy frame. 


LYUBOFF Doctor Hud for Newborns and Babies

To provide a more realistic experience during doctor visits, we offer the LYUBOFF Doctor Hud that will provide necessary information about newborns and babies (with parent permission) and will give free medicine to LYUBOFF babies if needed. The main role of LYUBOFF Docs is to assist LYUBOFF parents and help them learn how to take care of their newborns or babies. We offer LYUBOFF Doctor Hud for free, but the Hud will work only if you are in the LYUBOFF Docs group. 



This baby as well as all related items are sold through SL Marketplace only. Free gifts and free milk bottles are available at the clinic for LYUBOFF Babies group members only.

You and your partner can see this baby on the second floor in our clinic: