Liam's Elves

A site by and for  friends who want to help

Once upon a time, there was a brave and valiant prince named Liam, and he was loved by trillions of people (though some knew him only by proxy). He was a beautiful Prince, sweet as a garden pea and gentle as a spring day. But one sad, sad day, Prince Liam the Brave fell ill. All the people in the land wanted to help the Prince’s devoted parents guide him to wellness. The people came from near and far, offering whatever they could imagine might be of use. And Prince Liam’s parents were touched and moved, and very, very grateful for this show of kindness and caring.


As the days turned into weeks, the Prince’s battle toward wellness required the unwavering attention and energy of his parents. They could barely stop to eat, or sleep, or even cry, so fierce and constant was their combat. And all the while, their devoted followers felt helpless, wishing only to be of some use.


And so it came to pass that an organization was formed, and they called themselves Liam’s Elves. Through this organization, the Prince and his parents were supported in many ways: from errand-running to cake-baking, dinner-making to craft-teaching, the Elves formed an army of useful workers, and that army allowed the Prince and his parents to focus on wellness.


To join Liam’s Elves, all it takes is the heartfelt desire to help. The categories to the right should cover the Witts' needs as of today, but those will surely change over time —so check back often.

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