• All services temporarily suspended pending new space.

  • Membership:

    Members pay a monthly fee and in return get unlimited free workout during business hours and half price instruction.
  • Instruction:

    At any time during business hours you may request instruction. This generally lasts about an hour. You are welcome to stay and work on stuff afterwards for free.
  • Open Workout:

    Come work out (or just hang out). Free for members, $10 for non-members (unless you just hang out; then it's free.) Stay until your wiped out. Or have to go. Or business hours are over.

Normal business hours: Member Non-Member
Open Workout Free $10
Open Workout, special community hours (Wed, 5-7pm) Free Donation
Instruction $10 $20
One on One Instruction* $15 $30
Private Instruction* $30 $60
Outside normal business hours:
Surcharge $20/hour $20/hour

*The difference between private instruction and one on one instruction is this:
Private Instruction means nobody else can join in. This must be arranged at the start or pre-scheduled.
One on One means if someone else comes looking for instruction I will accommodate them. No changing your mind when someone shows up. Depending on how long I've been working with the first student, I may refund the 50% One on One surcharge.