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Name: (classified) (I dislike my real name, if I could I'd change it.)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual, Bottom
Date of Birth: 1981-12-27
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 305 lbs.
Location: Zuchwil, Solothurn, Switzerland, Europe, Earth
Languages: My mother tongue is Swiss German. I'm fluent in German and English. I do have some basic knowledge of Japanese and French, but I'm unable to converse in them.
Faith: I'm Pagan. Sometimes I'm wavering, but I try to live up to it and my principles.
Politics: I'm socialist and green. I highly disapprove of capitalism, so I may be close to being communist. Though I do not agree with the past regime of the Soviet Union or the current one in China.
Blogs: I don't really like them, nor do I actually read any. I used to keep a diary, but I lost interest in it and besides I'm way too secretive for a public one. I do however have a Live Journal and Space account. But I've only posted nonsense in it, namely some useless tests.

Interests: I'm a avid gamer. Particularly I enjoy eastern RPGs. Also I mostly listen to video game music. Though there's the occasional trance track in my playlist and metal like Stratovarius and Nightwish. I enjoy reading, but I don't seem to find any motivation lately for a book.

I'm also an Anime fan. At least the few that perk my interest. My current favorite is Death Note. I do have a few Manga, but I rather stick to the audio/visual. Naturally, being a fur and having balls I do indeed have an interest in yiff.

About me: Apparently I do have a very dry humor. I wasn't actually aware of it until recently. Various people seem to be alienated by this and thus deprecate me. I've been reproached of not having my muzzle under control. This seems inconsistent to me.

I am indeed suffering from social phobia. Consequentially I'm uncommunicative. But seeing as I'm pushing myself quite far already in order to do some social interaction, my behavior might be inconsiderate sometimes, because I'm trying to avoid thinking too much about it.

Getting myself completely wrapped up in my anxiety wouldn't help in the situation either. So in the end I'm just messing up no matter what I do. Which in turn harms my self-esteem even more. And even if I got over my anxiety, I'd still be inept in social situations.

Most people seem to have an instinctive ability or knowledge on how to interact with other people. I'm lacking this. I do not comprehend. So what I try to do is improvise and mimic, assimilate what I perceive from various sources. Even actual human behavarior in their natural habitat.

Unfortunately. Just because you've seen someone doing something, doesn't necessary mean you're capable to replicate it. I'm trying hard, but it is very difficult and maybe even impossible to do something, you don't even comprehend. Maybe I'll invent my own way someday.

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