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Name: Liam Aether
Species: Stagfox (White-Tail Deer/Arctic Fox Hybrid)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual, Bottom
Age: 26
Height: 6'4" (with Antlers ~8'0")
Weight: 207 lbs

Fetishes:List of Kinks
Cock: 7 inch, sheathed, blue

Appearance: Liam's hair is a combination of black and blue wisps. The inside of his muzzle, his tonogue, his nipples, cock, tailhole and pawpads are blue. The insides of his ears do have a shade of blue as well.

His paws, foot paws and part of his tail are colored in a combination of black and blue.

Physiology: Despite seeming to just look like an arctic fox with Antlers, he's much more of a stag. Besides of claiming to be a stag himself at times. More closely examination refeals that his fur is indeed that of a stag, albeit it does retains the pure white color.

The only exception to this, is his tail partially. It's as bushy and fluffy as an arctic foxes. The tail on the other paw is cervine. There are rudimentary hooves present on both foot paws. They do however merge completely into the claws.

Due to his nature of being a hybrid, he is indeed infertile and unable to produce any offspring. This doesn't pose any problem, as he is homosexual and naturaly not interested in reproduction. There's a chance for artificial insemination to work though.

Since he was in essence artificially created as well, this would be the option to choose. Provided he ever felt like getting father and would have found his male. Since thi isn't the case, the topics isn't usually on his mind.

Clothing: He usually wears two leather belts around around each arm and leg and a collar with a Pentagram tag. As well as two golden earrings on the edge of his right ear. He'd never take either of those off, except for cleaning purposes, because he does consider them as part of his body.

If he decides to actually wear clothing, he choses an individual style that usually reveals more than it conceals. Especially when he goes wiithout his black loincloth. But he usually does wear a thin cloth black/blue short-sleeved long coat and finger-less gloves.

Additionally he wears a customized sleeveless black t-shirt, that is partially a net-shirt, with only one strap over the right shoulder. He does have comfortable black loincloth, but he usually doesn't wear it, unless he has no choice.

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