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Suzanne Porter Susana Wesley House

Global Mission Update

2010 begins our 16th year as a covenant church in partnership with the Global Missions Program of the United Methodist Church.   Through your generous contributions during these past 15 years,  missionaries in Unalaska, Central Asia and Liberia and Partner’s in Mission (PIM) in Katanga and Brazil have received over $40, 500 to support their work in missions.  “As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.” Galations 6:10.

Thank you for your continued support in the effort to make a difference in the lives of so many people through our missionaries.

Our Mission’s Program has agreed to continue providing financial support for the next three years to Sue Porter in Ganta, Liberia and a Partner in Mission in Brazil.  Sue also has extended her assignment for three additional years in Ganta, where she will continue her leadership as Dean of the School of  Nursing.  She also hopes to begin two new programs, one a dental nurse practitioner program (DNP) and a physician assistant (PA) program.  There are only 5 dentists serving the people of Liberia.  The DNP program hopes to fill the need for most of the oral health programs.  Also, the DNP program will conduct outreach to communities and schools to educate people on oral health care as a preventative strategy. 

Our PIM program has made some major changes since 1994.  Once started as a “Halfway House” (Susana Wesley House)  for sexually abused girls, now functions as a “Service Center” for under privilege girls and their mothers.  The PIM will oversee the a) daily encounter with 12 under privileged girls Monday through Friday, consisting of help with school work, personal hygiene,  and creative activities; b) weekly encounter with the mothers through a social worker-sanitation, health, family planning;  c) providing dentist or doctor for the girls and their mothers;  d) courses in sewing, hair dressing and manicure.  In the past years, the major concern  has been  related to children and adolescents who spend most of the day home alone without supervision.  Most of these families are headed by women who need to work to get their living.  Susana Wesley House provides follow-up to these children and adolescents and also provides support and orientation to strengthen self-esteem and improve awareness. 

Our annual covenant support for Sue Porter is $2,500 and for the Partner In Mission is $1,000.  Let us continue to pray for our missionaries as they “Reach Out” to show Love in Action and let us “Reach In” to our pockets to financially help them.

If you are interested in contributing towards either of our missionaries, please make checks payable to LHUMC, indicating either Suzanne Porter or PIM on the memo line. Either mail your check directly to the church or place it in the offering plate any Sunday.

Being in mission is the responsibility of every Christian, to love as Jesus loved, to live as Jesus lived, to walk as Jesus walked. God's mission is global in focus and local in expression.