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When Bad Christians Happen to Good People by Dave Burchett (2002)
A must read for all who are interested in our renewed emphasis on evangelism. The subtitle is “Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage”. Written by a sportswriter in no nonsense language, it deals with the damage we do to Christianity every day when our speech and attitudes don’t reflect Christ to those around us. Some of the examples are from fundamentalist groups but too many are familiar to the “mainline” churches. The title of chapter 1 is “The Unfriendliest Club in Town”. Have you ever felt unwelcome in a church or been hurt by a fellow Christian? Imagine the result of that on someone who is searching for truth. Another chapter is “WJSHTOT?” - Would Jesus Spend His Time on That? We argue too much about non-essentials. This is a very readable book, don’t miss it. 3:16

The Numbers of Hope by Max Lucado (2007)
John 3:16 is the crown jewel of Christian scripture. Lucado is America’s leading inspirational author. Here he looks at the verse phrase by phrase and, using everyday examples from the Bible and from life, shows that its message is one of hope because it shows how much you matter to God. Includes a 40-day devotional section. Look for both books on the mobile cart in the west wing.

Care Notes

The LHUMC Media Center has a well-stocked assortment of Care Notes. These are pamphlets which offer professional advice and information about many of the "rough spots" or crises that we may face at some point in our lives. The twenty plus topics covered include: "Balancing Work and Family"; "Wondering What’s Best For An Aging Parent"; :Climbing Up From Depression"; "When Grief Won’t Go Away"; "Bearing The Grief of Suicide"; "Finding Your Way After The Death of A Spouse".

Borrowing Procedure:

When borrowing books and tapes, please sign the card and leave it in the box on the desk. This helps us know which books are of interest to you. There is no time limit on the material unless someone else is waiting for it.