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12th Grade IB Spanish 5

¡Bienvenidos a todos!

The primary goal of this class is to help students develop the necessary fluency to be successful on the IB examination that begins in January (not May) of their senior year. In order to be successful in this class and on the IB exam, students are expected to practice positive academic behaviors both in and outside of the classroom:

- Preparing assignments on time

- Demonstrating advanced participation and academic skills

- Managing unforeseen circumstances and complicated situations

- Collaborating to learn

- Reading and analyzing diverse forms of authentic literature

- Viewing with a critical eye diverse forms of authentic media

- Manipulating Spanish to express ideas and seek and give advice

- Writing extensively in Spanish

- Acquiring an appreciation for, understanding of, and experiencing Spanish speaking culture

- Initiating, sustaining, and concluding conversations in Spanish on a variety of topics

- Preparing for and successfully passing the IB examination.

If you should have any concerns or questions, please contact me by email or phone. Looking forward to an exciting and productive semester!

Señor Sullivan

(352) 746-2334 (ext. 4298) = School Number 

(616) hábleme (422-5363) = Google Voice Mail

Sign Up for Class Remind Text Messages:

-For Class of 2018 dial 81010 & text: @6k826

IB Exam Information:


Internal Assessment (30% total): Oral Component—January.  Two oral activities graded by teacher and moderated by the IBO.
  • “The Interactive Oral Activity”: best grade from three interactive oral activities selected from class interactive oral activities (10%).
  •  “The Individual Oral Component”: oral presentation based on a visual stimulus chosen by the candidate (20%)
External Assessment (70% total): Written Component—May.
  • “Paper 1 (1 hour 30 minutes): Receptive skills” (25%).  Text-handling exercises on four written texts.
  • “Paper 2: (1 hour 30 minutes): Written productive skills” (25%).  One writing exercise of 250-400 words from a choice of five, based on the options.
  • “Written assignment: Receptive and written productive skills” (20%).  One writing exercise of 250-400 words from a choice of five, based on the options.

Google Drive of all Class Documents & Textbooks:

Core Curriculum Standards Crosswalk:
  • LAFS.1112.RH.1.2.        
  • LAFS.910.WHST.1.2.
  • LAFS.910.WHST.1.1.
  • LAFS.1112.SL.1.1.       
  • LAFS.1112.SL.1.3.
  • LAFS.1112.SL.2.4.

IBO Language B Core Options (Mandatory):

  • Social Relationships
  • Global Issues
  • Communication and Media

IBO Language B Core Themes:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Customs and Traditions
  • Leisure
  • Health
  • Science and Technology 

Brian Sullivan,
Oct 19, 2017, 8:38 AM