College Baseball

The NCAA recently released the new SAT/ACT sliding scale that corresponds with the increased GPA requirements for the class of 2015 and beyond. Needless to say, any current high school freshman who is even remotely considering the possibility of playing a sport collegiately needs to pay attention. The wiggle room to correct academic shortcomings has been greatly reduced. Now, more than ever, every semester counts.

Here is a summary of the new D1 academic requirements that take affect for the class of 2015 and beyond:

  • The minimum core course GPA has increased from 2.00 to 2.30
  • 10 of the 16 core course requirements must be satisfied prior to the start of the senior year
  • 7 of those 10 core courses must be from the English, Math and Science subsections
  • Grades earned in the 10 core courses are "locked in" for the purpose of calculating the final core course GPA
  • Any retakes of the first 10 core courses must be completed prior to senior year

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