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Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I subscribe to new web content?

You can subscibe to new web content on any page that you see this image: 
By clicking on it, you will be taken to a page where you can preview the RSS Feed's contents (only the latest article is shown in the image below):
If you like it, you can then click on the "Subscribe to this feed" link at the top of that page (highlighted in orange, above). This will add the LHSR web page to your list of Feeds, which browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 can then check regularly for new content. If new content is available, it is shown in your browser's Favorites, under "Feeds."
The above "Subscribe to posts" link is available on these www.lhsr.org pages:
  • Hot News
  • Events > Past Events
  • School > Current Events

 These are three separate feeds, so to get content from all of them you must subscribe to all three.

How can I see a whole month of the event calendar?

Click on the Events link in the navigation pane on the left (not the events under it). This will take to you to a calendar of events. Three display formats are available: Week, Month (the default), and Agenda (a list of future events). Click on any of these choices, highlighted in orange at the top right of the image below, to change formats.

You can also move to the next month or week by clicking on the arrows (highlighted in the upper right, above). Clicking on the down arrow next to the month (or week) lets you select a specific date.

To get information about an event, click on the red link in a particular day.