Wednesday, November 15, Room 206

November 20
I am not at school today and REQUIZZES will take place Tuesday after school.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 
Acceleration Due To Gravity Worksheet        Answers

November 14 & 15
Take notes as you read the Acceleration Due To Gravity section and watch the videos found in 
Chapter 5.  This section is located at the end of the chapter.
REQUIZ 5.1  Friday and Monday, 11/17 & 20 after school.
Students who would like to redo the Incline Plane Lab may do so after school any afternoon this week.

November 9 & 13
Third Equation Worksheet with Answers

October 31 & November 1
Quiz Next Class
See Class Notes from last class
Constant Acceleration Worksheet 2        Answers

Octobe27 & 30
Constant Acceleration Worksheet 1        Answers

October 23 & 24
Test Next Class
See Notes for test topics and list of vocabulary
Super Worksheet 1     Answer Key
Super Worksheet 2     Answer Key    

Octobe16 & 17

Octobe11 & 12
Worksheet        Answers        Short quiz next class.....

October 6 & 10
Class Notes       Notes are found after the graphed data.
Inclass Worksheet            Answers
Homework Worksheet

Octobe4 & 5
Complete Speed/Velocity Conversion Worksheet    Check Answers
Finish plotting your class data:  2B            Graph Paper
Calculate the speed and initial position for each trial

October 2 & 3
2D Displacement Worksheet and Answers
TEST NEXT CLASS!!!!  See test topics in Class Notes above.

September 28 & 29
2D Displacement Worksheet        
TRIG REQuiz next class
Distance and Displacement Quiz next week:  Wednesday and Thursday

Videos for September 26 & 27

September 22 & 25
Trig Review Worksheet with answers
TRIG QUIZ NEXT CLASS (Tuesday and Wednesday)

September 18 & 19
Vector Addition Worksheet 1
REQUIZ:  Quiz 1    Thursday and Friday, Sept. 21 & 22 after school

September 14 & 15
No Assignment.....We will complete the lab next class.

September 12 & 13
Review for Chapter 2 Quiz next class.
Read Chapter 3 and take notes.
Complete and submit research paper    See Google Classroom

September 8 & 11
Class Worksheet                Answers
Homework Worksheet        Answers are on the second page

September 5
Read/Watch Chapter 1 and take notes.  You will need to create a free account to access the "textbook".
Gather all items required for the class