Alternative Energy Club will be meeting Wednesday after 
 school next week. 

Physics (Static Equilibrium) and Art

April 19 & 20
Class Data            1A    2A    2B    3B    4B
Download your data and open the data file using the Graphical Analysis program and then play with, exeriment, with the features of the software for a few minutes.

April 17 & 18
WET Worksheet 2         Answers
Kinetic Energy and WET Quiz next class.

April 13 & 16
Complete the Worksheet passed out on April 11/12. 
Homework will be graded.

April 11 & 12
        Read, watch videos and take notes on Kinetic Energy and the Work-Energy Theorem
        Complete problems 1, 2, 3 and 9 on the Kinetic Energy and WET Worksheet before next class.

April 9 & 10
Review for Work Quiz next class
Quick Quiz                              Answers
Additional Work Worksheet      Answers
Answers to worksheet that was assigned on March 28-29

March 28 & 29
Read, watch videos and take notes on Work
Complete the Work worksheet         Solutions will be posted tomorrow, April 10.  Students are expected to show up to class with the worksheet completed.  We will be going over it in class.

March  16 & 19
Class Notes   Contains Kepler Notes and outline of what is on the test.
Test Review Topics
Test Review Worksheet           SOLUTIONS
GOOD NEWS!!!  The requiz and test have been moved 1 day into the future and Tuesday and Wednesday, SOL DAYS, will be review days.  See dates above.

March 14 & 15
Complete Gravity Worksheet                 Answers
Watch and Take Notes:

MARCH 12 & 13
No assignment....we will work on the worksheet in class.
Students are reminded to return their coarse verification sheet this week.

March 8 & 9
Vertical Circular Motion Worksheet        Answers
There is a homework quiz next class from the worksheet above.
Video Assignment       
        Take notes!!
        Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation         

March 6 & 7
Vertical Circular Motion Video
GRADED ASSIGNMENT due at the beginning of next class.          SOLUTIONS TO WORKSHEET 2
On the front of a loose leaf sheet of paper complete problem 6 of Worksheet 2 and on the back Problem 1 on Vertical Circular Motion WorksheetWatch the video first!

March 2 & 5
Complete Chapter 8 Worksheet 1         SOLUTIONS
Complete problems 1 - 4 on the Chapter 8 Worksheet 2
1. These problems will be collected and graded for correctness.
2. Students are required to work 2 problems on the front and 2 problems on the back of a loose leaf sheet of paper.  
3. Late work will not be accepted.

February 28 & March 1
Read, Watch and Take Notes    Chapter 8:  Uniform Circular Motion
Chapter 8 Worksheet 1 after the reading assignment.  Complete 1 thru 4 by next class.

February 26 & 27        Newton's 2nd Law Quiz Next Class
Worksheet 1 Solutions
Worksheet 2 Solutions

February 22 & 23
2nd Law Quiz is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, February 28 & March 1

February 15 & 16

February 13 & 14
Read and watch Chapter 7 Videos and take notes.

February 9 and 12
QUIZ NEXT CLASS:  Friction and Incline Planes    See Topics and Class Notes
Incline Plane Worksheet 2        Answers

February 4 & 5
Class Notes with solutions to Incline Plane Worksheet Problems

February 1 & 2
        Incline Plane Reading/Video Assignment and complete Worksheet
        Friction Worksheet 2 Solutions

January 30 & 31
Complete Friction Lab - due at the beginning of the class
Complete Worksheet 2   Please click on link to see the correction for number 1.

January 29,   C DAY!!!!
Answers to Friction Worksheet 1
Complete Worksheet 2   Please click on link to see the correction for number 1.

January 26, B-Day Assignment
Complete Worksheet

Friday, January 19
Tension and Suspension Investigation is due TODAY
Read, watch videos and take notes on
Students who did not take today's quiz are required to take it Tuesday, Jan. 23 AFTER SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 16
Class Notes
FBD Worksheet   Complete worksheet and see class notes above to check your answers.
Wednesday, January 17
Class Notes
1D and 2D FBD Worksheet & Solutions
Review for Quiz  See topics listed below.

 Monday, January 22
Class Notes
1D and 2D FBD Worksheet & Solutions
Review for Quiz  See topics listed below

In order to catch up to A Day, you need to also read and watch the videos of Chapter 6.1, Friction.  TAKE NOTES.

Friday, January 19
Read and watch the videos of Chapter 6.1, Friction.  TAKE NOTES.  


 Chapter 5 Retest 
 Thursday, January 25 and Friday, January 26
Be sure to review Quiz 5.1 for the retest. 

Quiz 6.1 Topics
Facts about all types and kinds
Newton’s 1st Law
Construct a FBD
Solve a FBD 1D and 2D problems

January 2 & 3
Class Notes
FBD Worksheet    Complete the first 3 problems, do not complete the whole worksheet.

December 13 & 14
FBD Worksheet 1      
FBD Worksheet 2        
Solutions to both worksheets

December 11 & 12

December 7 & 8
In Class Assignment   What you do not finish in class you are to complete for homework.
Read and watch Chapter 6 and take notes.  These are terms and concepts you are to be familiar with by next class to insure productive class discussions and laboratory investigations.
Want to take the Chapter 4 Test again.....see info above.  ^^^

December 1 & 4
Chapter 5 Test next class    see topics listed below
Graphing Worksheet        Answer Key

November 28 & 29
Complete Acceleration Due To Gravity Worksheet 2     Answers
Test Topics
Define acceleration
Description objects that are accelerating
Position and Velocity vs. Time plots for objects speeding up and slowing down
Answering quantitative and qualitative questions about Position and Velocity vs. Time plots
Solving word problems using the 3 kinematic equations
Acceleration due to gravity
Concept Questions
Free Fall Problems

November 20 & 27
Acceleration Due To Gravity Worksheet        Answers
Chapter 5 Test, Friday, 12/1, and Monday, 12/4 

November 14 & 15
Take notes as you read the Acceleration Due To Gravity section and watch the videos found in 
Chapter 5.  This section is located at the end of the chapter.
REQUIZ 5.1  Friday and Monday, 11/17 & 20 after school.
Students who would like to redo the Incline Plane Lab may do so after school any afternoon this week.

November 9 & 13
Third Equation Worksheet with Answers

October 31 & November 1
Quiz Next Class
See Class Notes from last class
Constant Acceleration Worksheet 2        Answers

Octobe27 & 30
Constant Acceleration Worksheet 1        Answers

October 23 & 24
Test Next Class
See Notes for test topics and list of vocabulary
Super Worksheet 1     Answer Key
Super Worksheet 2     Answer Key    

Octobe16 & 17

Octobe11 & 12
Worksheet        Answers        Short quiz next class.....

October 6 & 10
Class Notes       Notes are found after the graphed data.
Inclass Worksheet            Answers
Homework Worksheet

Octobe4 & 5
Complete Speed/Velocity Conversion Worksheet    Check Answers
Finish plotting your class data:  2B            Graph Paper
Calculate the speed and initial position for each trial

October 2 & 3
2D Displacement Worksheet and Answers
TEST NEXT CLASS!!!!  See test topics in Class Notes above.

September 28 & 29
2D Displacement Worksheet        
TRIG REQuiz next class
Distance and Displacement Quiz next week:  Wednesday and Thursday

Videos for September 26 & 27

September 22 & 25
Trig Review Worksheet with answers
TRIG QUIZ NEXT CLASS (Tuesday and Wednesday)

September 18 & 19
Vector Addition Worksheet 1
REQUIZ:  Quiz 1    Thursday and Friday, Sept. 21 & 22 after school

September 14 & 15
No Assignment.....We will complete the lab next class.

September 12 & 13
Review for Chapter 2 Quiz next class.
Read Chapter 3 and take notes.
Complete and submit research paper    See Google Classroom

September 8 & 11
Class Worksheet                Answers
Homework Worksheet        Answers are on the second page

September 5
Read/Watch Chapter 1 and take notes.  You will need to create a free account to access the "textbook".
Gather all items required for the class