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Requizzes are now rescheduled for Tuesday and 
 Wednesday (Sept 27 & 28) after school in Room 206. 
 See the calendar!! 

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September 30 & October 3
        Class Notes
        Complete Worksheet        Answers will be posted Sunday

September 28 & 29
        Complete page 1 of the Position vs. Time worksheet and check your answers
        You will need a graphing calculator next class.

September 26 & 27
        Distance and Displacement Quiz Next Class 
        Distance and Displacement Worksheet                Answers!! 
        Reading Assignment
            Read pages 40 - 43 and take notes.  Link, with instructions, to the textbook is below the calendar.

September 20 & 23
        Copy the class notes into your journal.
        Complete the front of the first page of the worksheet
        Distance and Displacement Video

September 16 & 19
        Complete Temperature Conversion Worksheet   DUE NEXT CLASS!!
                Fundamental Units
                Metric Prefixes
                Memorized Conversion
                Calculated Conversion

September 14 & 15
        Class Notes
        Complete the Centimeter to Inches Assignment
                1.  Plot the data
                2.  Draw a line of best fit
                3.  Derive the equation of the line
                Video  How to draw a line of best fit and derive a linear equation from two points
                           Note that after deriving the equation, he goes back to the graph to visually check his equation.

September 12 & 13
        Complete Unit Conversion Gizmo
                Finish the worksheet    
                Take the quiz which is located at the bottom of the Gizmo page
        Review for Short Quiz on unit conversion at the beginning of next class

September 8 & 9
        Class Notes and Video
        Conversion Worksheet               Answers!!
        Need so extra help, checkout this video.

September 6 & 7
Sign and return next class.