The Overview Effect
A video which could change your view of the world.

 100 Candidates Have Been Selected 

 Heidi did not make the last round of candidates.

See the latest Virginian Pilot article about Heidi.

I spoke with Heidi on the 16th and although she is disappointed that she is no long a candidate for the Mars One project, she believes that the application process has opened a lot of doors for her and allowed her to network with other professionals who have the same interests.  She plan is to continue her education and when she get out of the army, she will pursue a career that will allow her to focus space and space exploration.

Follow Heidi
    Twitter:  @beemer2mars

January 19  NPR Interview

January 13  CNN Interview!!!

Heidi and a colleague discuss the experience at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS).

Heidi has now made through the next round of screening and is currently 1 of the 705 remaining candidates.  See Heidi's article in the Virginia Pilot.  
I had the privilege to teach Heidi for two years and I am very excited to see that her determination and hard work is giving her the chance to live her dream!!! 



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Letter Grade Project

Due dates are posted on the above calendar.

Note:  due date for Components 3 & 4 has been changed to May 29
Also videos are to be posted on YouTube, made public, and then the link is to be email to Mr. Leonard

May 5 & 6
        Reviewed Answers to CME worksheet
        Class Notes        Worksheet distributed in class 

April 29 & 30
        Review for WET Quiz next class
        Complete CME worksheet                    Link to text book is at the bottom of this page.
        Watch video and TAKE NOTES on the CME.
       WET LAB MAKEUP     Wednesday, May 6, after school

April 27 & 28
        Lab Quiz Next Class
        WET Review Worksheet            Solutions
         WET QUIZ Friday/Monday, May 1/4 

April 23 & 24
        Complete the following worksheets
            Force vs. Position      Answers
            WET 2        Solutions

April 17 & 20
        Class Notes        to be posted
        Complete Problem #7 on the WET worksheet
        Complete the front side of the Force vs. Position worksheet
        EXTRA    Work problems for requiz review.....but this NOT the only thing you should review before the                            requiz!!!

April 15 & 16
        Review your mistakes on the Work Quiz with the answer key.  Come to class prepared to ask questions                concerning the mistakes you still do not understand.
        Work Requiz will be offered after school ONLY on Wednesday, April 22.

        Watch and take notes of the following videos to review topics covered before spring break and to preview            what will be discussed next class.
                    Work Energy Theorem

March 27 & 30
        Review for Friction Requiz 
        See Friction Requiz Requirements
        Answer Keys

March 25 & 26
        QUIZ next class on "WORK"
        Reading Assignment worksheet
        Work Problems 1 worksheet        Solutions
        Work Problems 2 worksheet        Solutions

March 12 & 13
        Complete Friction Worksheet    Solutions  Page 1, 2, 3
            Work problem 7 on the worksheet on a separate sheet of paper.  It will be collected and graded next 
        Review for Friction Quiz Next Class
            Quiz will include problems similar to those on the worksheet and concept questions about friction

March 6 & 9
        Review your mistakes on the last quiz using the answer keys.

March 4 & 5
        On a clean sheet of paper work #6 from the worksheet  that was passed out on March 3/4.  The problem         will be collected at the beginning of class and graded.

        Answers to 1 - 5    SPECIAL NOTE:  It was discovered that the answer to problem 5 b) is mg = 10(tan 30)                                                                  which was not included in the choices of answers.

March 3 & 4
        Complete 1 - 5       worksheet  
        Review for short quiz on friction (2 or 3 questions)

February 24 & 25
        Complete the friction assignment    worksheet
        Textbook Link
           Holt Online Textbook
            Userid: inewton
            Password: physics

February 11 &12
    Quiz Next Class    Newton's 2nd & 3rd Law
        Concept Questions                Answer to worksheet
        Incline Plane   Calculate the theoretical value and the percent errors for each experimental value   SEE NOTES

        Userid: inewton
        Password: physics

February 9
    Complete Dynamics 1 Worksheet
    Review Answer Keys to the Equilibrium - 1st Law Quiz            See navigation menu to the left

January 30 & February 2
    Class Notes
    Worksheet Problems 1 - 4

January 23 & 28
    Read Section 3 of Chapter 4 pages 130 - 134
    Complete Practice C on page 132
    Complete Section Review on page 134

January 16 & 20
    Worksheet    Complete #3 & #4        Solutions
        Components of forces  (right triangles)                Solving Equilibrium Problems  (1D and 2D)
        FBDs                                                                        Push/Pull at an angle
        HTTs                                                                        Incline Planes
        Newton's First Law                                                Description of forces
January 14 & 15
    Worksheet    Complete #1 & #2        Solutions

January 12 & 13
    Complete #3 & #4 as instructed on January 8 & 9 and check your answers,     Answer Keys    #3    #4

January 6 & 7
    Worksheet            Answer Keys    #1    #2

December 19 & January 5
    Assignment:  Worksheet   Work problems 1, 3 & 5         Solutions  1 & 3     5

December 15 & 16
    Right Triangle Quiz next class
    Right Triangle worksheet with answers
    Need more help, check out these videos this mini course on right triangle trigonometry by Khan Academy
    NONUNIFORM MOTION REREQUIZ Thursday after school

December 9 & 10
    Class Notes
    FBD Video    
    FBD worksheet
    Right Triangle Trig Videos        1        2
    Right Triangle worksheet   (answers are on the second page)

November 17 & 18
    Link to textbook and login information is located at the bottom of this page.
    Read and take notes in your journal:  
        Section 1, Chapter 4 - Changing Motion
        Pages 120 - 123
    On a separate sheet of paper, complete Practice A and Section Review.  You are to turn this in.

November 13 & 14
    Kinematic Plots with Graphs 3  worksheet        Solutions

November 10 & 12
    Kinematic Plots with Graphs 2 worksheet            Solutions
    Incline Plane Lab Notes

November 6 & 7
    Kinematic Problems with Graphs worksheet        Solutions

October 28 & 29
    Kinematic Problems 2 worksheet        Answers
    Graphing Kinematic Problems answers

October 24 & 27
    Complete Kinematic Problems worksheet and check answers

October 22 & 23
    Kinematic Problems Without Details worksheet          Answers
    Solve the following in your journals using the format discussed in class.

October 20 & 21
    Watch the following video about motion graphs and take notes.
    Class Notes

October 15
    Class Notes

October 8 & 9
    Review for Uniform Motion Quiz you will take next class  

    Check your answers!!!
        Solving Motion by Graphing worksheet  ANSWERS
        Uniform Motion Writing Assignment worksheet   ANSWERS

October 6 & 7
    MOVED AGAIN   Quiz will be this Friday, October 10, and Monday, October 13 
    Complete the following worksheets
        Interpreting the Position vs. Time Plot worksheet*          *Class Notes  1 
        Solving Motion by Graphing worksheet*
        Uniform Motion Writing Assignment worksheet

October 2 & 3
        Uniform Motion Quiz next Wednesday and Thursday
        Uniform Motion Plot     worksheet        Answers
        Need extra practice with unit conversions?      Worksheet    Answers
        Class Notes on Uniform Motion
        NASA RESEARCH    Hyper-sonic CF4 Tunnel    History
                                     Light Gas Gun                    Video

September 26 & 29
        Speed Conversion worksheet      ANSWERS 
        Need help with unit conversion?   Video 1     Video 2
        Class Notes
         NEW   Audio Notes

September 24 & 25
        Newton's First Law and know!!
        Newton's First Law Videos        1        2
         NEW  Audio Notes        Uniform Motion, Nonuniform Motion and the "philosophy" of Motion

September 18 & 21
    Spring Worksheet 2   CORRECTION!! Number 2; change 2.3 N to 9.6 N 
        ANSWERS TO WORKSHEET  Show work to get credit
            1.  21.2 N        0.851 cm
            2.  F = 0.7x +6.8
            3.  F = 0.75x + 1.5        4.67 cm        9.75 N        Yes, 1.5 N
            4.  F = 0.625x + 3         2.94 N          17.6 cm      Yes, 3.0 N

    Spring Worksheet 1         ANSWER KEY     NOTE:  #2 Answer had a mistake, click on link to see correction.

                                        QUIZ NEXT CLASS!!!!

September 16 & 17
    Spring Worksheet 1
    Spring Quiz on September 22 & 23, Monday and Tuesday next week

September 8 & 9
    No assignment
    Class Notes

September 4 & 5
    No assignment!!   Have a nice weekend!!

September 2 & 3
    Class Expectations    Return the signature sheet next class.

    Videos shown in class
        Symphony of Science:  Secret of the Stars
          Dr. Brian Cox:  Why he loves physics
          Big Bang Theory:  Sheldon teaches Penny physics
          Video Montage:  Introduction to Physics
          Neil DeGrasse Tyson:  Science Literacy

Userid: inewton
Password: physics