Physics of 
Landstown High School
Governor's STEM &
Technology Academy


Special thanks to Erik Moore for sharing the  photos he took 
of the  eagles he discovered near Landstown High School. 
 Mr. Moore is a Computer Resource Specialist at LHS.

 The 7 Myths of High School  Physics 

Myth 1
Physics will lower students’ GPAs and hurt their chances of getting into college.

Myth 2
Students won’t miss out on future opportunities or experiences if they don’t take physics.

Myth 3
Only the most mathematically advanced students can handle physics.

Myth 4
Physics is for boys. 

Myth 5
Students don’t need to take physics in high school because they can just take it in college.

Myth 6
Physics knowledge has little relevance to the world we live in or to most jobs.

Myth 7
The only careers you can have with a physics degree are to be a professor or teach high school.