Performing Arts at Littleton High School...
"it's different here..." 

Tuesday May 8th @ 6:30pm Merles of Littleton

 Please join us to learn more on how YOU can help LHS students in the arts!


May 3, 4 and 10 in lobby before and after concerts

Mother’s Day? Landscaping? Veggie garden? Get what you need here!

  • Tomato and pepper seedlings and plants - several varieties

  • Annual flowers - several varieties

  • Hardy garden perennials - Many tried and true varieties suited for Denver’s climate

Please bring some extra cash and do a little shopping for Mom or your garden or both. Brighten up the patio with some potted flowers. Savor the flavor of a home grown, sun-ripened tomato.  Year after year enjoy a beautiful display of perennial flowers adapted to Denver’s challenging summer weather. They are sure to please.

* All plants are grown in the school’s greenhouse (yes we have one!) by the Greenhouse Club.

** Funds go to purchase greenhouse supplies and support greenhouse activities for the entire school.

This website is dedicated to the parents, staff and students who participate in the Performing Arts; Choral, Instrumental, and Theatre. This includes all students who work behind the scenes that you may not see on stage or on the field. Currently there are over 400 students that are a part of this incredible program which is run by three amazing teachers, Jim Farrell (Choral), Don Emmons (Instrumental) and Kryssi Martin (Theatre).
400+ students. Wow. This is nearly a third of LHS's total population! Jim, Don, and Kryssi need YOU...the parents...in order to give YOUR student the best education possible in the performing arts arena. Their vision is to perpetually raise the bar in quality and level of participation. There are many ways you can help, just click on the link for Volunteer Opportunities to see how you can help!
ENCORE! is your parent group. Get involved, Volunteer, and Support your sons and daughters! Keep checking back here to see how YOU can make a difference!






April 28th  LHS After Prom Tickets 11:30pm

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May 3-4th Choir Pops Concerts 7pm

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May 10th, Instrumental Pops Concert 7pm

May 15th, Performing Arts Awards Night 7pm



King Soopers and Safeway reloadable cards (an easy way to raise money for your student's account