Thanks to all who participated in the

 17th Annual Dam Swim for Drew 

2015 Race Results are attached at the bottom of this page!


 Thank you to Kevin Stuart for an exceptional photo.  A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is for DREW!

Dam Swim for Drew Smith was recently on the news! Click here to view the video 

Promoting Boating & Swimming Safety in Memory of Drew Smith

The LHS Dam Swim For Drew has become a yearly event to honor the life and death of Drew Smith and to celebrate the difference this little boy has made to boating safety in South Carolina. We are so excited for this year's event and hope that you will join us! 

Event registration, instructions, and safety can be found on our Race Information page. To read more about Drew Smith and our foundation please see Our Purpose! Through this site you can also view final results and photos from past events through our Previous Years page!

Please email damswimfordrew@gmail.com with and questions!

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