To My U.S. History Parents,
     I am sure you have seen your child's report card, may be unhappy with his/her U.S. History grade.  If your child has told you that this grading period was extremely hard, perhaps the hardest of the year, it may sound like an excuse.  But he/she is telling the truth.  I have required them to read primary sources on their own, and I have tested them on those readings.  This is something most of my students have NEVER had to do before, at least at the high level of comprehension I am requiring.  Many are struggling, but the good news is that I have seen improvement in their ability to read, process, and understand primary sources.  This is a skill they will NEED in college, so I would rather they stumble with it now, while they have support, instead of a few years from now when they will be on their own academically.
     Any student who has bee able to maintain an A or B or actually improve their grading during the 3rd grading period has achieved something.  If his/her grade has dropped to an unexceptionably level, I ask for a SMALL degree of understanding on your part.  Most of them are trying, and have improved on their reading tests.  They are getting better, and I fully expect that trend to continue.
   If you have any questions, please contact me at jrarmentor@lpssonline.com.

Thank you,

Joel Armentor
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