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(UPDATED August 3, 2013)
Welcome to a whole new world ...
a whole new way of seeing and thinking .....
welcome to the world of ART.....
On this page you will find:
            1. The supplies you will need for this class
            2. Attachments
            3. Announcements
            4. The Course Syllabus
            5. Art Supply Resources
            6. Field Trips
If you need to email me use this address:
The following supplies are required and can be purchased in the art room for the following prices:
            8.5x11 hardbound sketchbook .................. $10
            ebony pencils ..........................................$.50 (cents)
            vinyl eraser ..............................................$.50 (cents)
The following supplies are recommended to have at home:
            Dixon Glue Stick (or any brand of good glue stick)
            Prismacolor Pencils - a set of at least 12
            a small selection of soft synthetic brushes - flats & rounds (no "camel" hair)
            Watercolors, pan of 8 (Prang, Sargent, or Crayola) ($3-4)
            Sharpies - fine tip (black) (colors, optional)         
 Feild Trips:
Whenever possible, all field trips will be scheduled on the weekends, Saturday or Sunday, to avoid missing other classes.
Parents are encouraged to join us.  (Please fill out a Chaperone form in advance - available through the Activities Office).
Attendance on these Art-focused trips is not mandatory for PIBS, but encouraged.
Any additional trips TBA.
ART Field Trips: TBA
SPECIAL NOTE to Parents: 

For IB Art, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) stresses documentation of individual research and discovery to inspire experimentation in image making.  With this objective in mind, students will often be assigned to research artists, artworks, and art movements. There is an obvious risk, however, in research using the Internet, that students may happen on inappropriate or offensive artworks.  Many famous and contemporary artists, such as Picasso, and Salvador Dali, have created images that could justifiably be considered erotic, sexually obscene, or just plain in-your-face offensive.  Often, these images constitute a very small portion of the artists' total work and are not reflective for that which these artists are generally known.


Parents should feel absolutely confident that this Administration, this Instructor, and this course would never require or even advocate looking at offensive works or hold up ANY artist as a role model or encourage any particular lifestyle.


Parents should be aware that offensive material is readily available on the Internet, and that potentially offensive lifestyles do exist.  


If an artist is assigned (who might have done some offensive works or who maintains an offensive lifestyle), it is never the intent of the assignment to view those works or encourage that lifestyle.


Parents should actively support their student's educational progress and are always encouraged to do their best to monitor their children's work, discourage their children from choosing to view offensive images, and help their children make correct, ethical choices.

Assignments and ACTIVITIES: 
Daily classwork will be given in the Investigation Work Book (IWB).
Homework will be assigned 2 to 3 times per week.  The assignments are designed to take 30 minutes each.
"Tests" will be given periodically and will normally be "open IWB".
Grades are based on completed assignments in the IWB, test grades, homework, and self-evaluations (80%), and the final exam (20%).
The Instructor will send periodic updated grade reports to parents by email.
 "In an age of sound bites, contemplation is becoming a lost art.  Attention spans grow shorter and the soul suffers." - Michael J. Gelb 
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