Be SMART - Part 5

Achieving Goals

Remember, you are going to plan, execute and accomplish your goals “one bite at a time. When you have completed and accomplished a goal, take the time to enjoy it. Reward yourself in a manner appropriate for the significance of your completed goal. You deserve the self-confidence that achieving your goal brings. Enjoy it! You earned it!

In addition, as you bask in the glow of your accomplishment take the time to observe your progress on your other goals. Now that you have experienced success with achieving one of your goals you may look at your other goals differently.

* If you feel that goal was too easy, make the next one a bit harder.
* Did you get discouraged by the length of time to complete that goal? Make the next ones shorter.
* Perhaps you feel that you need to adjust some of your skills, then do it.
* Maybe along the way you learned something that makes you want to adjust or even change some of your other goals. No problem – do it. This is your life and these are your goals. As you and your life changes your goals may or may not change. Either way is fine as there is no right or wrong.

If for some reason you do not meet a certain goal, don’t beat yourself up over it. Learn from the process and go on. Equally as important, if the goals that you set no longer reflect who you are or where you are in life’s journey, change them or just let them go. No biggie in the grand scheme of things. Remember – your life – your goals.

Key Points
As this is our last in this “Be SMART” series, I want to take this time to review some of the key points that we have covered over the last 5 months.

#1 - Remember to Be SMART
* S = Specific
* M = Measurable
* A = Attainable
* R = Relevant
* T= Time-bound

#2 - Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking and for motivating yourself to turn your vision about your ideal future into reality.

#3 - Question: How do you eat an elephant?” Answer:”One bite at a time.” The same is true with your goal setting.

#4 - Look at your big picture. Remember that this is a fun process that can make your life’s journey more enjoyable. Faith, Family, Friends, Financial, Health, Attitude, Education, Joy and whatever else that you choose. Be Bold! Remember that this is your life, not someone else’s so you choose your goals.

#5 - Keep refining from the big picture until you get manageable “Bites”. From these set your 5 year plan, 1 year plan, 6 month plan, 1 month plan, weekly and even daily plan. As you progress from years to months to weeks to days you will refine your goals making them smaller and smaller until you get your “Bites” that you can focus on.

#6 - Create a daily to-do list that is in line with your goals and will help you to reach your Life Goals.
#7 - Write goals down!
#8 - State your goals in a positive way
#9 - Be specific with dates and times
#10 - A helpful tip is to prioritize your goals, daily as well as short term and long term.
#11 - Be sure that your daily goals are in doable “bites”.
#12 - Have Fun. Do not get Stressed out over this.

Goal setting is a great method for you to decide what is important for you to achieve in your life. It will help you to determine what is truly important to you and what really is not all that important to your happiness. Use goal setting to motivate yourself and to build your self confidence as you achieve your goals.

Well, that is it for this series. I hope that you have been able to extract some tidbit that will help you. Thank you so much for your time over the last few months. I would also highly recommend that you read “The Foundation for Your LHN Success” by Jim Jones. It is well written and logical. Follow it for your personal and LHN growth and success.

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Thank You and Now Go Eat Your Elephant!