Super Greens Are Back!

That’s right!
I am so pleased to be able to say that Super Greens are back. They were missed.

I have seen many green products over the years and nothing – I mean nothing compares to our Super Greens+. In addition, you do not have to mix this and drink it. I have to tell you that I used to gag whenever I tried a green drink and with the Super Greens+ from LHN that is not a problem. Our Greens are in a vegetarian capsule. Just pop them in your mouth and swallow with water. So easy and so good for you!

Nutritional guidelines recommend consuming 4 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day; most people eat only 1-2. In addition, the average American diet is very acid-forming in the body, which leads to ill health, mineral imbalances and deficiencies, fatigue, and even more serious conditions.

Super Greens+ is the first complete oxygen-enhanced terrestrial and aquatic greens formula, super-charged with living nutrients and enzymes. This oxygen enhanced formula energizes and alkalizes the system, improves the intestinal environment, and helps to cleanse and deodorize the body.

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