May Announcements


LHN Just Keeps Better and Better.
Here are our latest announcements for your Health and your Wealth.


Cherry Bomb™ Is Here! Click Here

Swine Flu - Important - Please Read Click Here

Nashville - What You Missed! Click Here

New Product Packs Click Here

#1 - Super Greens Are Back - Click Here

#2 - Business Builder of the Month!!!
Our Business Builder for this month is Jim Jones. Click Here

#3 - HeartFast Testimonies Click Here

#4 - Facelift & Heartfast™ Tools! Click Here

#5 - LHN Library Click Here

#6 - 15 Minutes to Success! Click Here

#7 - Kids Against Hunger & YOU!
You can now contribute to this worthy cause.
Click Here for Details

#8 - Big Savings on LHN Responder Leads Click Here

#9 - Shelly's Email Updates! Click Here

#10 - Be SMART - Set Goals
Part 1 Click Here
Part 2 Click Here
Part 3 Click Here
Part 4 Click Here

Part 5 Click Here

#11 - LHN Postcard System! Click Here

#12 - Free Leads from LHN Click Here

What will you do with your Free Leads? Click Here to Learn More!

#13 - The Power of One On Demand 24/7 Click Here

#14 - Are You Throwing Away $20 Bills?

How would you like to keep more of the money that Uncle Sam takes from you every payday? Learn More - Click Here

Great Tax Information and Video in the LHN Resource Center! Click Here

#15 - Latest Alligin Related Info
Read the latest info on our Alligin tools and AlliGel. Click Here

#16 - Call Center Update

The LHN Call Center continues to produce!

"Earn What You're Worth" Postcard System now option in Call Center!

FaceLift & WEW Team now option in Call Center!

To Learn More About the Call Center: Click Here

#17 - Auto-ship and $100

Are you aware of the huge savings that you can get on your LHN products? If you place $100 in orders in any given month, you are eligible to get these big discounts. Check it out.

Additional Benefit - Free Leads with Auto-ship!

Many members have their Auto-ship early in the month so they will get their leads early and have them to work for the month.

#18 - You can view previous Announcements in the Archives

Archives - Click Here

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