For patients in our member practices, we hope the following Frequently Asked Questions will be useful.  We will continue to update this FAQ page as we received more questions and comments from our patient communities.

Why are you doing this? 
There are lots of changes and pressures affecting primary care health. By coming together as a group, we are better able to deal with these changes whilst still providing quality care to our patients. You may have heard the term ‘resilience in the health service’ and of practices closing. We are coming together as a group so that we have better pooled resources and greater protection and resilience to face the challenges of the future together. 

The five member practices of Minerva Health Group have successfully worked together in many areas for a number of years, and joining together as a federation helps us to formalise and improve this joint working. As like-minded practices with shared values, it made perfect sense to join together to share good practice across the federation. Minerva Health Group will ensure all surgeries are sustainable and resilient going forward, to try and protect the current excellent General Practice that is offered across Bath. All our member practices are dedicated to providing excellent quality and continuity of care to our patients, along with strong focus on safe prescribing.

How will being part of Minerva Health Group help my practice? 
By working together, we will be able to reduce duplication across the five member practices and increase our efficiency. We will also be able to share best practice, skills and knowledge. Can I still see my usual Doctor or Nurse? Yes absolutely. Your day to day care and contact with your practice will stay the same. 

Can I be seen at another Minerva Health Group Practice? 
Not at this stage, though this may be possible in the future. 

Will other people be able to see my medical records? 
Your records will continue to be held at your practice. As is currently the case, your medical record is only accessed on a strict need to know basis. Any team member needing to have access to a patients’ medical record have strict confidentiality rules. 

Does being part of Minerva Health Group mean my surgery will close? 
No. By coming together as a group, we are strengthening each of our practices.