"Leadership through discipline, honor and respect."

The History of Military Drill:
Drill was created as preparation of soldiers for performance of their duties in peace and war through the practice and rehearsal of prescribed movements. In a practical sense, drill consolidates soldiers into battle formations and familiarizes them with their weapons. Psychologically, it develops a sense of teamwork, discipline, and self-control; it promotes automatic performance of duties under disturbing circumstances and instinctive response to the control and stimulus of leaders
Rudimentary drill appeared in ancient Sumer and Egypt with the dawn of formal warfare because of the need to assemble and move large numbers of men for battle. Drill in the modern sense was introduced by the Greeks, who periodically practiced the maneuvers of the phalanx; the Spartans carried disciplined drill to an extreme unequalled by their contemporaries. Philip II of Macedonia and Alexander III the Great further improved the phalanx and its drill. The careful training of the legions contributed largely to Roman domination of the Mediterranean world for almost a thousand years. While our Midshipmen don't train to become warriors they do learn to become part of a team. From the Guidon that the midshipmen form up on, to the squad leader that calls cadence, each individual contributes to the whole.

Drill and Physical Training:
Not everyone has the control over their bodies that athletes have. Stress, stain, inability and laziness prevent most people from having maximum control of their own bodies. When situations become stressful, cold or uncomfortable then students who have been trained to rigidly form their bodies around their will will undoubtedly perform better than those whose only mind-body training has been computer games and casual sport.
Drill and Discipline:
Discipline is not the primary role of drill, teamwork is, however drill is used to promote discipline. When training students in drill they understand very quickly that they will have to keep doing it until they get as good as they are being trained to be. In short, their attitude has been overridden by freshly instilled discipline. In addition, drill is used as a punishment. Drill can be made very physically demanding as it is a very intense form of exercise.
Competitives are an internal competition held three times a year. Students are graded on their overall appearance in dress uniform and team drill routines. Recognition is also given at this time for academic accomplishments.