Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy
                                                                     Tradition, Honor and Integrity since 1909

Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy has proudly been a part of Southern Maryland for over 100 years. Providing an academic atmosphere of excellence, discipline, leadership and honor. Our midshipmen graduate with unparalleled preparation to face the challenges of their young adult lives. Our school fosters a family atmosphere centered around each student providing them with individualized attention so they can work hard, reach their potential and succeed.

                 Sergeant Timothy Rourke, Battalion Director.

 Military Drill 
                        Leadership through discipline, honor and respect
Throughout history military drill has been used to take a loose group of warriors and transform them into a disciplined fighting unit. These drills become instinctive to a warrior who gradually changes from a single warrior to part of a larger organization. While our Midshipmen don't train to become warriors they do learn to become part of a team. From the Guidon that the midshipmen form up on, to the squad leader that calls cadence, each individual contributes to the whole.
"Honor, Integrity, Commitment...


A Proud History
Since 1909, Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy has provided Southern Maryland with graduates who have become leaders in the military, business, and the community. Leonard Hall opened it's doors on September 19, 1909. The school was established on the Loker Estate that had been purchased by the Jesuit Fathers. Leonard Hall, named in honor of Leonard Calvert, became the first Catholic school for boys in the original Calvert proprietary.

The main focus in the early years was agriculture and in 1941 the school adopted a military program. It is currently the only military academy in the state of Maryland. Today the school is flourishing with a non-denominational Christian, co-educational, military, college-preparatory program. The school proudly maintains high academic
standards and instills the discipline, respect for authority, self-confidence, and leadership, which the Xaverian Brothers initiated over 100 years ago.