Suzanne Wisnieski                     Mr. Rourke                    Crystal Spranger                      Terri Vause
     Headmistress                  Battalion Commander             Bookkeeper                              Secretary

For issues regarding:
Academics, Admissions, Board of Trustees, Counseling, Thinkwave and Overall Concerns, contact Ms. Wisnieski 

Discipline, Military drill and Uniforms, contact Mr. Rourke

Attendance, Fundraisers, Direct Sales, Lunch Program, Medical Concerns, Service Hours and Transcripts/Records, contact Ms. Vause 

Tuition and Overall Financial Issues contact Mrs. Spranger

Teaching Staff:
      Joanne Allen                       Sarah DeBruin                    Michael Hallett
         Teacher                              Teacher                             Teacher                           
      Myra Waugh                     Sherry Fowler              
          Teacher                           Teacher