LHC2FC Working Group 4

Goal of this TH institute:  see main LHC2FC page 
Focus of WG4
The working group will focus  on the following scenarios
of signatures observed in the initial LHC runs and discuss in particular
(but not only) the listed items:
Other new physics signatures
   - Leptonic and other s-channel resonances
   - multi-gauge-boson signals
   - measurement of mass and spin, quantum numbers
   - leptoquark-type signatures
   - flavour physics
   - fourth generation-type signatures, exotic quarks
   - TeV scale gravity-type signatures
   - other possible signatures of new physics

Write-up WG4 Summary (under construction)

Schedule and informations for the working group activities
 Plenary talks and parallel sessions of WG4

                week 1 (Feb 9-13)
              week 2 (Feb 16-20)
                week 3 (Feb 23-27)

Feb 9:
Tao Han: Kickoff talk WG4

Feb 13, 10:00-12:00:
Tao Han:
The Test of "Seesaw" at the LHC

Herbi Dreiner

Emi Kou
Fourth generation

Feb 20, 10:00-12:00:

Georges Azuelos
Resonance signatures

Tom Rizzo
Distinguishing Resonance signals

Feb 23, 14:00-16:00:

Marcela Carena
Dynamical EWSB in Warped ED and collider phenomenology

Bryan Webber
Black Holes

Feb 27, 14:00-16:00:
A. De Roeck:  WG4 summary

Feb 11, 17:30-18:30: 
J. Kalinowski: Color-octet scalars at the LHC

Albert De Roeck: WG4 Discussion

Feb 13, 17:30-18:30: 
S. Sultansoy: Fourth SM Family at the LHC: ATLAS prospect

K.F. Chen: Prospect for b' detection with CMS
W.S Hou: 
CP Violation for the Heaven  and the Earth --- Sighting the 4th  Generation?  

 Feb 17, 17:30-18:30:
S. Gopalakrishna: Warped-space KK gauge bosons

G. Isidori, Flavour physics in the LHC era


Feb 19, 17:30-18:30:
David Milstead: Stable Massive Particles at ATLAS

Andrea Giammanco:  Special Signatures in CMS

Feb 24:
Session is left free on purpose for
'last minute' contributions.
Feb 26, 17:00:
WG3 & WG4 common session:

F. Boudjema: LHC and the Cosmos: DM searches and reconstruction

"How to optimally present future LHC data to make these maximally useful for interpretation, and how to store data to bridge from one machine to the next"

Overview on general  workshop schedule

 Week1 (Feb 9-13)
 Kickoff talks   
  FC Overview  Series  
    WG1 & WG2
  WG1 plenary talks
    WG3 & WG4
 Thu   WG2 plenary talks
 WG3 plenary talks
  WG1 & WG2
 Fri   WG4 plenary talks
    WG3 & WG4
 Week 2 (Feb16-20)
 Mon   WG1 plenary talks
    WG1 & WG2
 Tue  FC Overview  (ILC)
  WG3 & WG4
 Wed   FC Overview (LHeC)
TH Colloquium
  WG2 plenaries
WG2 plenaries
 FC Overview  (CLIC)  WG3 plenary talks 
  WG3 & WG4
 Fri  WG4  plenary talks  FC Overview (sLHC)      
 Week 3 (Feb 23-27)
 Mon  WG1 plenary talks
 WG4 plenary talks   WG1 & WG2
 Tue FC Overview  (mu coll)      WG3 & WG4
 Wed  WG2 plenary talks
    WG1 & WG2
 Thu FC Overview (Tevatron)   WG3 plenary talks  
  WG3 & WG4
  WG Summaries  

Future Collider Overview Series

10 February 2009  
   Lyn Evans:  LHC accelerator status and upgrade plans  

17 February 2009    
     10:00   Klaus Desch: Physics case for the ILC
     11:00   Brian Foster: Technology progress report of the ILC

18 February 2009
     10:00   Emmanuelle Perez: Physics opportunities with the LHeC
     11:00   Max Klein:  Machining the LHCeC option

19 February 2009
     10:00   Marco Battaglia: Physics case for CLIC 
     11:00   Jean-Pierre Delahaye: Technology path to CLIC

20 February 2009
     14:00   Michelangelo Mangano: Physics opportunities with the sLHC

24 February 2009
     10:00   Roberto Palmer: Muon collider technology status

26 February 2009
Aurelio Juste:  Tevatron update and status
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