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Longer, in-depth stories which appeared on the cover of the Cleveland Jewish News

 Cover stories:

Election Part I: Paper ballots before March: Cure or cause for more grief?  1/25/08

Election Part II: Paper ballots: Cure or catastrophe? 2/8/08

Updated Encyclopaedia Judaica speaks volumes 05/25/07

Laugh if you can: Four books about the Jewish mother 05/14/07

Preschool Confidential Is Cleveland immune to the problems facing Jewish preschools in other cities? 06/17/06

Becoming a Jewish Mother Some Jewish mothers are born; others have Jewish motherhood thrust upon them  May. 17, 2006

 A blog world after all: What are blogs? Why are there 27.2 million of them?  Mar. 21, 2006

Local entrepreneurs find fun, thrills and fast cash on eBay 05/19/05 

Where the boys and girls are: The JCC  2/2/06

Don’t call me rebbetzin: rabbis' wives ambivalent about the role 11/25/05

JCC pottery program on endangered list  05/27/05

Free spirits and Torah scholars: The Ruach Program at Siegal College 04/02/05 (Rockhower Award winner)

Cleveland native's Free Loan agency Helps Israel's Working Poor 1/25/05

Kids on antidepressants: What's the risk? 11/18/04