Renactment of how Giporlos Got its Name performed by the GNTS students
The Legend

         Just opposite the historic Homonhon Island, far across to the North of the blue Leyte Gulf, and nestled close to the foot of the lofty Calonghoran mountain, which towers like a mute sentinel over the surrounding landscape, lies majestically the humble town of Giporlos officially called, municipality of Giporlos.  It is popularly known, however, as Porlos.

          The story of the origin of this name is fabulous and fictitious.  It dates back to the early part of the Spanish regime in the Islands, when some roving moros used to come to this place to loot and capture Visayan Christians.

The name Giporlos was taken from the vernacular word “PODLOS” which described a way of escaping much like a caught eel.  As to how Giporlos really got its name is still could not be ascertained and the only basis that we have that is related to it is a tale that still persist up to present time. 

This is about the two beautiful maidens from this place, which one morning went to Rawis Beach to look for seafoods or mollusks. While they were digging some mollusks called “tagitis” the two beautiful lasses did not notice the two “Moros” or Muslims, whose “Panko” or vinta was concealed at Maharu Dako, a small cove southwest of the present town, craftily padded towards the unwary ladies.  One of the maidens, who was ever watchful, was able to escape from her would-be captors.

           The other man pounced on the remaining woman.  Frightened on their way to the vintas, she fought to escape and in her struggle, the man was left clutching her skirt while the maiden fled from her pursuer successfully.  It was indeed a feat to “podlos” (slip from capture) from the marauding Muslims who were combing the shores of the island for captives to be sold to slavery.

 Meanwhile the settlers from this place went after these Moros and successfully annihilated them.  After this incident the maiden was nicknamed PODLOS/HI PODLOS meaning the sly one.  Later on the term/word “Podlos” caught on or “Hi Podlos”, because of the difficulty of pronouncing the letter “D” in PODLOS, it was changed to “HI PORLOS” to refer to the place or the whole area of settlement.  Soon after, the Spaniards corrupted the word to Giporlos.  From then on, the natives called this place GIPORLOS and sometimes shorten it and just simply call it PORLOS.