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Press Conference
(valid in the event God will announce that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth)

(1) First of all I would like to thank God for making me the great honor of being His Unique Spokesperson for Earth and for spending with me in excess of 38000 hours since March 26th 2000, educating me about the issues facing Earth today. I promise that to the end of my life I will serve God and Earth with excellent faith in order to protect God's (the Owner and Creator of Earth) interests and for coming up with the best possible sustainable architectures for Earth. I would like to mention although that today is a day of shame for the human race. God codified languages 2500 years ago to indicate that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth. During the last nine years I presented overwhelming evidence in support of this observation. In fact on August 19th 2003, when I wrote on the Internet that I am God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth and I requested a visit at the International Court of Justice in Hague to officially present my case, I had in mind a very favorable for humans sustainable architecture design and I wanted to engage humanity in a continuous dialogue, so that together to come up with a better world for us and our children. Nevertheless, no one took me seriously and over these last nine years I was sometimes persecuted for mentioning this simple truth. Humans thus proved that are totally disconnected from reality and instead of together designing a better world for us and our children, they simply continued to engage in an abusive consumption of natural resources, climate change is more obvious than ever, wars ignited all over our Planet and evil people continued to try to establish an even more iron handed control over Earth.

(2) Since July 29th 1998 I wrote on the Internet on various sites under the nicknames Dadi and Asterix. Since God confirms that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, all my writings together with the Codifications of Languages by God, constitute the Unique True Bible written until today and thus constitute the Unique and True Word of God. The main problem is that humans today have a totally wrong model of reality. The Unique Bible written by God, Holly Spirit and myself will thus help humans find the errors in their model of reality, and thus is of extreme significance for all inhabitants of Earth.

(3) It is clear that from now on until the end of my life I should focus on finding the most appropriate sustainable architecture for Earth. I will spend no more time on codification of languages, the communication with God techniques or on finding errors in the model of reality that humans have today. This subject was discussed by me in the Unique Bible mentioned at point (2) above. I would like to mention again that since August 19th 2003 I provided overwhelming scientific evidence that God exists and that languages are codified by God to also indicate that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth. Despite this overwhelming scientific evidence and the numerous letters I sent to various leaders of the Human Society, during the last nine years no one answered to my letters and I was sometimes persecuted for even mentioning this fact. Furthermore, since September 2009, my Book, the True Bible, comes first on Google Search under the “God's Spokesperson”. Despite the fact that I provided an e-mail for contact, no one contacted me during this period of time. These are the reasons no one is allowed from now on to interfere with my work that should be performed according with my style of work, so from now on no one is allowed to ask me unsolicited questions or to disturb in any form my work, assigned by God. And I may add the most significant observation to be made, that God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth acts are not subjected to humans' approval, since he represents the interests of God, the Creator and Owner of Earth. You have to be convinced and sure that I will do my very best in the interests of God, the Holy Spirit, Earth, present and future generations of humans, plants and animals living on Earth.

(4) It is clear that the current model of reality that humans have does not recognize or protect the authority and rights of God, the Owner and Creator of Earth, as it can be seen from the available legislations in all countries on Earth. There are seven major flaws in the constitutions of all countries. First of all, despite the fact that all religions foresee the coming of God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth, the current constitutions do not provide any protective measures for this individual. Second, most constitutions contain the notion of property, but do not recognize the owner of Earth, who is God. Any valid document of property should bear the signature of God, or, since God cannot sign, should bear the signature of His legal representative, who is God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth. I do not remember signing any such documents, so all laws and documents of property available today on Earth are thus practically void and somehow illegal. Third major flaw : due to some fundamental aberrations mentioned by Moses in the Genesis or by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, contemporaneous humans view themselves as the owners of Earth and live like Zeus of Olympus on Earth, in multimillion mansions, yachts and cars, killing at will the rest in the animal and plant kingdom. It is worth mentioning that too much noise is made for the killing of Jews in the WWII, but no serious discussion occurs for much more serious crimes, such as the facts that millions of species are on the path of extinction or that the stronger of all animals, only few thousands of lions or tigers are left living on Earth. Human barbarism and cruelty is even more evident with the annual killing of over 100 millions sharks, just to consume the shark fins, the rest of the body being thrown back in the ocean. In fact humans do not belong to the aquatic environment, so God rarely gives humans extremely limited fishing rights. In the mean time the human population on Earth grew from 2750 millions in 1955 to 7000 millions in 2012. Who gave the right to humans to multiply at such rates in the detriment of other species and future generations of humans on Earth, particularly since 1955 it became clear that millions of species where on the path of extinction and the Peak Oil Theory scientifically proved beyond any doubt that natural resources will only last for at most the next 150 years ? In reality, in front of God all plants and animals, including humans, are born equal, today and in the future, so the arbitrary and at will killings and destruction that occurs in the Food Industry and elsewhere should be strictly prohibited by law. In reality humans should use their intelligence not to dominate the rest in the plant and animal kingdom, but to serve the rest in the plant and animal kingdom, such that even more balanced and sustainable ecological systems are achieved on Earth and future generations of humans on Earth will have similar benefits that the generation of today humans enjoys. It is also worth mentioning at this point the fact that there are tens of thousands of nuclear weapons available on Earth today, not to mention chemical and biological weapons. Whenever used, such weapons not only kill humans, but also innocent plants and animals and also seriously disturb the environment. There are self called world leaders today who dare to think that they have the right to press a button which will launch such weapons on a global scale and thus destroy in one minute what God and Holy Spirit worked very hard for hundreds of millions of years to create, such that Earth is this incredible harmony of beauty. During the last 35 years I personally noticed in Bucharest an increase in the temperature of about 10 oC and I am extremely surprised to notice that nobody is doing absolutely anything to correct this incredible negative trend. Conclusion : humans today have a total lack of respect for the plants and animals surrounding them, for the envinroment in general, for the future generations which will not be able to live under these climatic conditions and most important of them all, for the hard work of hundreds of millions of years of God and Holy Spirit who created this incredible beauty on Earth. Fourth major flaw : many people talk about the Holy Spirit but no accurate description is actually given to this entity. In reality Holy Spirit is an extremely sophisticated active controller which monitors and controls at particle or molecular level everything on Earth. The exponential development of digital technology in the last 35 years, as well as the experiments in molecular biology or particle physics have put a totally unnecessary burden on the Holy Spirit and should have been limited and regulated. There is no serious engineer today in the world to design a sophisticated engineering device without attaching to it some form of active controller. So if God created Earth, then clearly Holy Spirit was the global active controller for Earth. It was known from various telepathy experiments that such controller may exist for organic matter. The question obviously was if the activity of such a global for Earth controller included also inorganic matter. In this light the obsession of scientists in USA, EU, Japan, Israel and South Korea with the exponential growth of digital technology and with the experiments in particle physics may indeed hide some very evil intentions, to verify the hypothesis mentioned before or even to take the active controller out of function. Fifth major flaw : science has developed in a very complex set of mathematical equations, but in no such equation it is allowed the presence of God. Since 100 years ago many people expressed concern about this fact by exposing, as it was my case, large collections of observed by  them data which occurred in reality despite the fact that the probability of their occurrence, based on the existing laws of science, were extremely small, to the order of 1 in millions, for each data. I want at this point to remind you a simple fact from the theory of probability; the probability of occurrence of two independent events is the product of the two probabilities. So if one observes tens of such events, the global probability is astronomically small. The only logical explanation for this phenomenon is that in those cases one may identify the presence of God. Despite the fact that this is the most obvious explanation, no serious scientific publication actually made such claim worldwide, except in my book. This proves the hidden hate that the leaders of the world in the religion, political, scientific and financial communities actually have for God and for the idea that He may exist and He may interfere with their wish of exploiting people and Earth in general for the benefit of their own interests. The most obvious demonstration of this fact : I presented in my book about 1000 examples of the fact that God designated me 2500 years ago through the Codification of Languages as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth. Even an 8 years old child who just learned how to read will immediately say, yes Dadi may be right. What a 8 years old can see obviously cannot be seen by academic professors at famous Universities in the most technologically advanced countries, or Intelligence employers in these countries and religion leaders particularly in the Roman Catholic, Evangelistic, Protestant, Judaic or other such Religion Cults, who with ease and doubtful intentions classified such claims in the past as being an indication of mental illness. The humoristic aspect all this is that the same people who send to mental institutions the true scientists who discover the true codification done by God, justify their violent behavior based on a single argument, that they are the chosen by God people. They have absolutely no logical arguments for committing the very serious crimes mentioned in this section other than their belief that they know what they do and that they are justified to commit crimes because they are the chosen by God people. I am very sorry to inform them that God considers parts of both Old and New Testaments as obvious indications of schizophrenia of the early humans 3000 years ago and invites people who object to this observation to submit to the general public scientific evidence or any other proof that either the Old or the New Testament are the word of God. On the other hand any modern psychiatrist can certify God's observation. In fact it is obvious that both the Old and the New testament contain very primitive sets of principles discovered by very primitive humans 2000 - 3000 years ago and clearly none of them discuss the seven most important real issues addressed in this section of the present document that God considers to be extremely important and critical for the well being of Earth, today and tomorrow. Sixth major flaw : even if constitutions of almost all countries prohibit the use of verbal or physical violence in the relations between humans members of the society, they do not do the same in prohibiting exactly this type of behavior from their Government in the international relations of the country with other sovereign states. This is why today UN Governing Bodies, such as the UN General Secretary, the UN Security Council, Interpol, IAEA, IMF, World Bank, Nobel Foundation and the International Courts of Justice, USA, NATO, EU, South Korea, Japan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel, together with multiple so called "Non Governmental Organizations", sponsored from the previously mentioned countries to function and criticize  governments in other countries, Amnesty International and Soros Foundations being the best such examples, having in their use propaganda mass media outlets such as Radio Europa Libera, Voice of America, CNN, Deutche Welle, France 24, Al Jazeera, Yahoo and BBC, or Newspapers or Magazines of broad world circulation such as Economist, Financial Times, Le Monde, El Pais, The Independent, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine and Newsweek, or News Agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and France Presse, form in reality what Ioanou Theologou mentions in vers (13.1) of the Apocalypse, quote "Then I saw a beast emerge from the sea : it had seven heads and ten horns, with a coronet on each of its horns, and its heads were marked with blaspemous titles", and on various occasions behave like a well coordinated international ring of terrorist organizations who use military force, misleading interpretations of international laws, financial strength and propaganda tools to persecute individuals who expose them, such as the persecution of Julian Assange, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and his sons, Bashar al Assad, Nicolae Ceausescu and Muammar Gaddafi and his sons, to isolate political parties who oppose their interests, as it is the case of the classification of Hamas and Hezbollah as "terrorist organization", to pressure countries who use technology to defend their sovereignty, such as the cases of Iran and North Korea, or to impose their views on other countries, either of different religions, as it is the case of the campaign against Muslim countries, either of different social organization, as it is the case of the campaign against countries with socialist or communist system of organization, to steal other countries natural resources, as it was the case of wars against Iraq, Mali and Libya, or simply to kill or expel the inhabitants and steal their land, as it was the case in the past with USA, Palestine and other lands, victims of colonization or occupation. God created and will protect in the future diversity of humans and their freedom of expression on Earth, exactly to enable people to speak different languages, to have different traditions, to reach various levels of technological advancements and systems of social organization without the fear for their lives and property. On the other hand God does not tolerate behavior which with persistence challenges His views and philosophy, because His word represents the Absolute Truth, and the motivation of people who may attempt to do it is clearly driven by their wish to pursue their interests in the detriment of others on Earth, today or in the future. As a result of Television, Radio, Internet, Movie and Music Industries and the campaigns mentioned before, we have today on Earth exactly the opposite situation. People everywhere speaking the same language, having the same traditions and habits, having the same wrong consumption oriented and less humane system of values and the worst of all, being all organized in the most schizophrenic social, political and economic system of them all, the ultra liberal global free market economy of capital hidden under the umbrella of a so called "democracy", but when in reality the uneven distribution of capital governs the lives of humans and which political parties, ideologies or ideas get the attention of the public. Finally, the Seventh Seal as Ioanou Theologou calls in the Apocalypse the seven major flaws presented in this section : it is obvious that natural resources are finite and intended for all generations of humans that lived or will live on Earth. Current legislations do not impose limits on the consumption of these natural resources while humans today engage in a systematic process of stealing natural resources from future generations which cannot protect their legitimate rights for the simple reason that they are not born yet. I am God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth, thus the only person on Earth who properly has the knowledge to communicate with God and furthermore the only person on Earth allowed to sign in the name of God. For all practical purposes thus, you should view me as the Owner of Earth, since neither God neither the Holy Spirit can be easily and reliably be perceived by humans. I understand that there are a lot of people on Earth today feeling that they are unfairly treated by God, because they are going to lose all the material goods they acquired with “hard work” during their lifetime. I do not sympathize with them; on the contrary, I compare them with the society of Nazi Germany, who systematically “worked” extremely hard, but for destruction in the period 1938-1945. Same, contemporary humans engaged in a systematic campaign of destruction of Earth, particular in the last fifty years or so. Furthermore, it is obvious to note that Languages were codified by God 2500 years ago to indicate that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, the most important human that lived on Earth in the entire history of mankind. Despite this obvious fact and the overwhelming scientific evidence that I presented over the last nine years, these years were a living hell for me, without material possessions or money, being forced to work without any payment and being forced for nine years to take unnecessary medication. I was repeatedly being threatened to be hospitalized by force just because I was a convinced communist rightfully claiming to be God's Unique Spokesperson on Earth. And obviously in no way for all my sufferings is only responsible my sister who did some of these things out of care and love for me. She can easily be accused of poor judgment, but she was also a clear victim of the brainwashing that for hundreds of years the rich of the world, the leaders of all religious cults, the leaders of police, military, judiciary, mass media and scientific community and the politicians worldwide imposed on the billions of humans habitants of Earth. Any living human being then should get used to the idea that deserves to live a much worst life than the one I lived over the last nine years. In order to account for the wrongs in the available current legislations and on the humans' mentality on Earth the following steps should be taken in the near future as indicated bellow. For each step there is a deadline due to the fact that these early steps are crucial for God's plan for Earth. Failure to obey by these deadlines implies that you are seriously interfering with my work assigned by God. For this reason an additional 75 billions euros / day penalty is in effect for not respecting these deadlines, to be paid by all countries except Greece, proportional to their GDP for the year 2008 and according to CIA Fact Book. This of course under the condition that Greece will complete its part of God's plan with a tolerance of 7 days from the given deadlines. In the event it fails to do so, then they will also have to pay their part of some or even all penalties. I also reserve the right to waive some or all of the penalties for some other countries too, pending of course God's approval to me. My initial option was for Romania, due to the fact that God codified languages using romanian language, various prophecies talk about Peter the Romanian, I am romanian and my book was written in Romanian. Nevertheles, five days after the initial publication of this document no one thanked me personaly for my work or God for our selection.  The payment of all penalties should be completed as follows : (a) 50% with the completion of the corresponding step and 50% at the step (4.4) bellow. For each payment you should provide what in Greece we call Ποθεν Εσχες. With the completion of each step I will sign in the name of God a certificate of completion based on which God guarantees temporary peace to humans. This is exactly the reason for the antispying and blasphemy laws which are in effect. Any attempt to influence my thinking process, who signs in the name of God, is a much more severe crime than for example an attempt to bribe a Supreme Court Judge in the USA. Because steps need to be completed in their exact order, there is an unfair situation that may be created, as for example in the case when 40 days from now nothing really happens. In this case the penalty per day will be in fact 225 billions euro / day and not 75 billions euro / day. God recognizes this fact and for this reason the penalty clock stops for each country when it completes its part in God's plan. The actual payment of the penalty will be made by all countries only when absolutely all countries on Earth complete the corresponding step in God's plan. All incomes being property of God and administered by me are tax exempt, except items mentioned at step (4.2) bellow, which are personal income and thus are subjected to taxation. The deadlines bellow start with the reference date of February 3rd 2013. In reality one should substitute this starting date with the date of God's appearance on TV all over the world or with the next day date following God's attack announced in the Bible.

(4.1) Deadline February 3rd 2013, 23:59 Romania time.

I have no house, no money and I am unemployed. So you should take all the appropriate measures to ensure the appropriate living and legal standards deserved by God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth. What happened today beyond any doubt were the most two significant events in the history of mankind, The Judgment Day and the assignment of God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth. People talked about these two events for the last 5000 years, so God considers that in the civilized society of today, societies already planned what to do from the legal point of view when these two events will occur. God thus considers that it should take no more than four hours for each country to ensure the appropriate legal standards deserved by God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth. The solution is extremely easy given the fact that I submitted the present document. So each country will have to recognize it
as the supreme law on land, above the constitution of their country and above the international treaties they signed, being the Decision of the Supreme Court of Justice on Earth, God's Decision on Judgment Day written under His supervision by His Unique Spokesperson for Earth. This recognition has to contain the present document and on top of the present document, the declaration of acceptance of God's present decision which has to be written in three languages, the native language and in Romanian and Greek, so both Mister Grigoris Psarianos and myself will be able to check it, while the declarations of acceptance should be signed in separate documents by the President, Prime Minister, Parliament decisions and appropriate decision of the Supreme Court of Law of each country, according to the various types of State Administration. It should be noted at this point the significance of the blasphemy and anti spying laws mentioned at point (4.4) bellow which are practically in effect at the moment that I present this document on the Internet. So effective this moment no one is allowed to contact me without my prior approval or to interfere with my work. For this reason I select at this point an individual who will represent for the next months my contact with the outside world for monitoring the implementation of steps (4.1) – (4.4). I would like to use this opportunity to announce to you at this point that I selected Mr. Grigoris Psarianos, member of the Greek parliament, for these purposes. To start things with he should contact me at exactly the time 18:30 (Athens time) on my mobile phone, to inform me of the progress report on this step (4.1). By the time 23:00 (Athens time) he should meet me in person to deliver whatever is required at the present step. For material that is submitted today, countries can electronically send to Mister Grigoris Psarianos only PDF copies of various documents, while the originals should be delivered the soonest possible at a later time. Following the undesired development based on which not all countries took the appropriate legal steps mentioned above, I declare very clear that at this point and under these conditions I am not further interested in this issue and I kindly request from everybody to respect my right, as a regular citizen of Romania and Greece, to privacy and a quiet personal life. The knowledge that I acquired over the years is personal intellectual property which I am not willing to further share with anybody. Countries that are willing to complete this step will simply submit their papers to Mister Grigoris Psaranos, who will keep track of the exact date and time they sumbitted the papers. Only in the event that all countries on Earth complete this step I may reconsider my initial decision.

(4.2) Deadline February 17th 2013, 12:59 Romania time.
All my writings in the past constitute the True and Unique Word of God, so until the modifications in the current legislations occur they constitute the only legal framework available for humans on Earth. One of the provisions written in the Unique Bible is that I should be compensated with 2.55 billions euros after tax for my writings which right now are available to the seven billions inhabitants of Earth. At this step you thus should legally reimburse me for my writings by providing me and the other designated people with the 2.55 billions euros after tax that I deserve for my writing on the Internet over the last 14 years. I would like to mention at this point that this was extremely hard work, so the money is fully deserved. Furthermore over the last nine years I was sometimes the victim of severe persecution in Greece. Twice I was hospitalized, picked up by force from home by police and forced to take grave medication, just because I rightfully claimed to be God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth. Now you notice that I was right so the Greek government should compensate me for the unjust treatment by paying 1 billion euros after tax for each hospitalization. Furthermore, the leading people worldwide in the entertainment, legal, scientific, religious, health care communities or any other domain
responsible for this type of diagnosis, for the forced administration of severe medication over the last nine years, that resulted in my premature aging and caused me severe health problems and for any other type of interference and failures in my God assigned mission over the last nine years, due to the extreme severity of their crimes should be punished by this deadline with the capital penalty, the death penalty that is. These crimes are not so serious because of the suffering that I sustained, but mostly because on August 19th 2003 and the following years huge opportunities for the humans inhabitants of Earth were lost. The 2 billions euros after tax should be paid together with the 2.55 billions after tax for the rights to the Unique Bible that I wrote and the implementation of all necessary death penalties should be accomplished within the next 14 days. Because it is a first of its kind in the history of mankind I will first review all the death sentences of Humans Courts of Law prior to their implementation. Finally it should be noted that if God confirms my assignment as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, He automatically approves all my writings on the Internet, including the present document, and thus all mentioned penalties and laws are approved by God and cannot be the subject of future negotiations. It is estimated that no amendments to the present Bible will occur within the next four years. As a matter of fact such amendments may never be needed in the future. In extraordinary circumstances though, similar procedure should be followed, that is in the event God will want to make any amendments, then He will inform me, who in return I will publish such amendments on the Internet pending approval by God. Only then and if God agrees to such changes, He will make appropriate appearance on all TV in the world to confirm my writings and thus sign such modifications into law on Earth.

(4.3) Deadline March 3rd 2013, 12:59 Romania time.
The most appropriate place on Earth that can constitute the Headquarters of God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth is Palatul Poporului in Bucharest, Romania. Nevertheless due to the fact that no romanian representative thanked me personaly for my work and selection of Romania, I am forced to go to my second option which is Asteras Vouliagmenis Complex in Athens, Greece. Within one month the Greek government should take all appropriate measures such that Asteras Vouliagmenis Complex will be rented to me for an indefinite period of time with the rental fee of 50 millions euro per year. The rental will occur until step (4.4) bellow will be accomplished. Furthermore, by this deadline the illegal legislation introduced in Romania following the December 22nd 1989 Coup D' Etat should be abolished and all responsible for this act should be properly punished. By this deadline a reduction to the level of 3% of current levels should be achieved for the global CPU computation capacity as well as for the global digital traffic and storage capacity. Also by this deadline all experiments in molecular biology and particle physics should be strictly prohibited.

(4.4) Deadline May 3rd 2013, 12:59 Romania time.
Up to this moment there is an additional 5.4 % GDP a day penalty in effect starting September 24
th 2009. To cover for my future expenses all countries except Greece should make an advanced payment towards this penalty in the amount of 550 billions euros. In addition, there is a 3.5 trillions euros penalty to be paid by all countries members of NATO, except Greece, for the illegal and unjust war and terrorist acts in Libya in the year 2011. Furthermore, USA should pay an additional penalty of 450 billions euro for not obeying my orders stated in my letter dated August 31st, 2006 to then president Bush, with respect to the issue of Iran. At this step 4.5 trillions euros should thus be paid except for Greece, which will provide me in return with the former airport area at Ellinikon. Furthermore at this step, all legislations of all countries should be modified such that the constitutions of all countries will clearly state that as God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth, thus the Unique human owner of Earth I am not subjected to humans constitutions and laws and that I am the superior judge on the entire Earth, my decisions not being subjected to any form of appeal. Legislation should also include protection from blasphemy and also the death penalty effective today for anyone spying on, or interfering with the freedom of movement or decision of mine or of any of the people, including their family members,  that assist me in the work that I perform and is assigned by God. On the other hand, as Owners of Earth, free access to all personal, institutional and governmental data of all inhabitants of Earth should be granted to me and to the other people working for me on this project. Afterwards, decisions by UN body and Security Council should follow to state that neither them nor any International Court of Justice have jurisdiction over me or the people working for me on this project. I am only responsible for my acts in front of God.  Asking unsolicited questions, stalking (initiating a conversation is an example of stalking in this context), recording or monitoring private communications, taking pictures or videos without prior written approval and inquiring information from third parties about me or the people working on this project are clear acts of spying in this context thus punishable under the present legislation by the death penalty, while dissipating unfavorable information is a clear act of blasphemy, also punishable under the present legislation by the death penalty. Since God confirms me as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, the True Bible mentioned at point (2) above represents the Unique Word of God and The Absolute Truth, thus, publicly endorsing any other form of religion or any other person as God's Spokesperson or publicly explicitly or implicitly promoting such things, as well as publicly implicitly or explicitly promoting opinions which contradict this Unique Bible are clear acts of blasphemy and propaganda to promote personal interests, and thus are punishable with the death penalty. Also punishable with the death penalty is the crime of providing false statements or data to me or to any people working for me on this project. In this context making false statements or providing false data on any Mass Media or Internet is a severe crime punishable with the death penalty, because in our information age either I or any other people working for me may base our decisions on them. All the tasks mentioned up to this point are absolutely normal given the establishment of the true authority of God and His Unique Spokesperson on Earth. Of grave implications for the well being of Planet Earth is the abusive consumption of natural resources over the last 56 years. It was obvious back then in the 1956, when the Peak Oil Theory merged, that capitalism was the wrong form of social organization, because it is based on the maximalization of consumption of natural resources. By contrast, communism, an ideological superior form of social organization anyway, could allow, because of the planned economy concept, for the drastic reduction in the consumption of natural resources. This was the central theme of my presentation to the International Court of Justice in Hague, intended on August 19th 2003. The fact that more than nine years have passed since my first announcement on the Internet and no one contacted me to negotiate with God the very serious problems that Earth faces today indicate that humans living on Earth today are mentally ill. Furthermore, the wars that have been carried over the last 23 years against many sovereign nations by NATO, Israel and their allies indicate that this schizophrenia that characterizes the ultra liberal capitalism in general comes also with paranoia and it is also of a very strong aggressive nature. For these reasons the following tasks should also be achieved within the given time frame. First of all USA, UK and France should lose their seats in the UN Security Council, while their permanent seats in this council should be taken by Cuba, Brazil and India. Also within this time frame, USA, UK, France and Israel should give up all their weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, by surrounding them to Russia, who will be responsible in front of God for keeping them safely until total disarmament will be achieved on Earth. Inspectors should verify and certify the accomplishment of this task. Within the given time frame all countries will not be allowed to have military forces outside the boundaries of their countries. In other words no country is allowed to have at any time military forces or equipment on locations and basis on foreign land or international waters or airspace outside the boundaries of their countries. The territorial waters and airspace for military purposes are here defined as being 6 miles (1 mile = 1.6 km). The only exception to this rule is Greece, who will be allowed to transfer its military forces outside the boundaries of the country to serve various islands and Cyprus, a country without military force. Within this time frame all responsible for various terrorist activities by which interference in the internal affairs of foreign sovereign countries was accomplished over the last 23 years should be brought to justice and punished with the capital punishment, the dead penalty that is. Examples of such acts are the various so called colored revolutions that started for example with the Romanian coup de etat on December 22nd 1989 and culminated with the interference in the internal affairs of Syria in 2012, and the wars in Iraq (1991), Yugoslavia (1995 and 1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Lebanon (2006), Georgia (2008), Libya (2011) and the multiple clear acts of terrorism committed all these years by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The final issue to be accomplished within this time frame is the final settlement of various conflicts on Earth. Turkey should retreat all their troops and population from Cyprus, and the island should be reunited as it was prior to the terrorist act of 1974 committed by Turkey. Israel and Israelis should return to the boundaries established by UN prior to 1949, while a sovereign Palestinian state with capital in Jerusalem should be established. UK should return the Falkland Islands to Argentina, while UK like everyone else should also return all their troops stationed on foreign basis such as Cyprus. Kosovo should return to Serbia and to the status as it was prior to the terrorist act of NATO in 1999. All Albanian population within Kosovo should move to Albania. Furthermore all Muslim population within Bosnia should relocate to what will be left of Turkey. The Southern part of Turkey should return to Syria with the corresponding Turkish population to be properly evacuated and relocated to what will be left of Turkey, while the Eastern part of Croatia should return to Serbia and the corresponding Croatian population should relocate to what will be left of Croatia. An independent Kurdish State within the present boundaries of Turkey should be established while all Turkish population in this area should move within what will be left of present Turkey. This is because of the role that Turkey played in many conflicts over the history, starting with the barbaric and evil occupation of foreign lands and the humiliation of local population during the so called Ottoman empire and continuing with the neutralization of the former Soviet Union, the contribution to the various international terrorist acts committed against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, the staged conflict in Yugoslavia, the manipulation in connection with the staged conflicts in Libya and Syria, just to mention a few of them. Finally, all those responsible for the manipulations that led to the collapse of the true communists and socialists systems over the years worldwide and for the abusive consumption of natural resources over the last 56 years, which also resulted in the climate change, should also be punished with the death penalty. The reason for this severe punishment is very simple : these criminals, in order to pursue their personal interest and gain considerable profit, convinced the masses to invest their well being and future into a schizophrenic dream, the notion of continuous growth and prosperity, which back then in 1956 with the Peak Oil Theory was scientifically proven totally unreal and ethically wrong. With the realistic measures introduced by God today the masses will suffer, so those responsible for the masses suffering should be severely punished. The final restrictions are for the purpose of reducing the abusive consumption of natural resources. By the deadline, a global reduction to 25.8% of the current consumption levels should be achieved in the consumption of all natural resources. For each country I will assign the corresponding allowed consumption level. Furthermore it will be prohibited to anyone to own a car with engine bigger than 1400 cubic centimeters, and a limit of one car per household and a maximum of 40 square meters per person of global house (or hotel) and office occupancy will be imposed on all inhabitants of Earth. Effective today, it is prohibited the use of private airplanes, helicopters, boats or yachts, air conditioning and swimming pools. Also effective today are in effect all the above mentioned restrictions for wealthy people, public figures or employers using state or company property. This is in order to set the proper example, as I did over the last nine years, despite the fact that God codified languages 2500 years ago to indicate that I am His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, the most important person that lived in the entire history of mankind. All affected people should immediately submit evidence to the closest police station certifying that they comply with these restrictions. The penalty for not respecting this particular law regarding the reduction in the consumption of natural resources is 25 years in prison to death penalty, depending on the severity of the offense. Whenever witnessing violations, citizens are encouraged to take pictures or videos and post them on the Internet, so proper punishment will be enforced. Some exceptions to these rules will be permitted only for some people working for me on this project for whom my written approval will be required. There is this last moment penalty of 1.5 trillions euro to be paid by USA, Israel, Turkey, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, to be paid proportional to their 2008 GDP, due to the fact that they encouraged the civil war in Syria. Furthermore, on October 9th 2012, the NATO General Secretary issued a warning of war against Syria, despite the fact that NATO together with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates engaged in terrorist activities in this country for almost two years. For this act, all NATO country members together with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, should pay an additional penalty of 2 trillions euro, to be paid proportional to their 2008 GDP.  An additional 1 trillion euro penalty should be paid proportional to their GDP by France, UK and USA for the colonization attempts in Africa with the intervention in Mali. Furthermore, on January 30th 2013 an extremely grave terrorist act was committed by Israel with the bombardment of government installations and equipment in the Syrian territory. This could have sparked a new nuclear World War. For this extremely grave terrorist act Israel should pay a penalty of 500 billions euro.
All these measures mentioned at this last step (4.4), together with the payment in cash of 9.5 trillions euros to be accomplished within the next three months. It is worth mentioning that Greece, a country with traditions and civilization of thousands of years, a country which in fact 2500 ago set a positive model for the civilized aspects of our society today, three years ago was pressured to change its own constitution and philosophy of state organization based on simple ideological arguments (ultra liberal schizophrenic free market philosophy of today versus the very mature and realistic 55 years old socialist leaning philosophy of state organization of Konstantinos Karamanlis which, not surprisingly for our days and times, was very badly interpreted and managed by the so called "socialist" party of Greece during the last 32 years). In my case it is something much deeper and profound, the issue of God's authority, so I am convinced that with hard work you will manage to accomplish this most important step in the given three months period until the deadline.

All payments at steps (4.1) – (4.4) are to be made by cash only. Remember both God and myself are old fashioned convinced communists. Furthermore, all penalties refer to world currencies strength at the time this document was submitted. Any possible future devaluation should be properly compensated for. I would like to also mention that I have no means of imposing the above mentioned deadlines. Nevertheless, it is clear that in the event you do not respect them God will be unpleased with the fact that you interfere with my work. Furthermore, you are called to pay more that a 200 billions USD / day in application fees and the extra penalty mentioned above, and thus by not respecting the deadlines you waste taxpayers' money and people at the end are going to be very unpleased. And I would like to close this section of the present document by reminding you that God codified languages 2500 years ago to designate me as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, that all observations made here have been already discussed by me in my Internet Book over the last 14 years and that my Internet Book was first for more than three years when you Googled for "God's Spokesperson". God considers that in our age of broad technology and knowledge available on the Internet, humans had an obligation to periodically check on Google for the phrase mentioned above to check on possible messages that God may have for them through His spokesperson. God thus considers that people, and in particular the leaders of the world got knowledge of the issues involved and had an excellent opportunity to negotiate with me all these years to express their opinions and demands. Instead of doing so, they engaged in acts of intimidating, harassing, ignoring or terrorizing me and the inhabitants of Planet Earth, like they did over the past with anyone else claiming to be God's Representative. So it is humans fault that God is forced to come up with these harsh measures today and that I wasted the last nine years, in fact the most productive years of my life, instead of coming up with an engineering solution to the very serious problems facing Earth today, to just writing the Bible.  It is also humans fault that over the last nine years very precious natural resources were wasted on very bad consumption habits rather than building ecological villages for the inhabitants of Earth. Now it is obviously well too late for this engineering solution.

In the unfortunate event of my sudden death God will make a similar appearance on all TV in the world to announce the name of my successor. The next God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth will simply supervise the implementation of all laws and penalties mentioned in the present document and will also implement the final settlement of the dispute between humans and God mentioned in my book. In this case all the laws and penalties mentioned in the present document will be valid with the following three exceptions:
(a) Neither Greece, neither any country will be entitled to exceptions for any penalty.
(b) No person will be entitled to the 4.55 billions euro reward mentioned at the point (4.2) above. In the event that I already cashed the reward,
this reward being personal income  will be inherited as it is the case worldwide of any physical person citizen of a country.
(c) Donations for my book mentioned bellow are property of God simply administered by God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth, so the next God’s Spokesperson for Earth will have on any occasion to justify the spending of every single cent from God’s Property.

The final settlement of the dispute between humans and God will be achieved at a time T, measured as the time difference in days (with decimal accuracy) from the time 7:00 Athens time on September 24th 2009, to the time when God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth approves the applications from all countries on Earth. As mentioned in my book each application will contain the following 7 items:
(A) Final Legislation to regulate the relationship between God, God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth and the citizens of the country.
(B) Mathematical Proof of the fact that Languages were codified by God 2500 years ago to designate me as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth.
(C) Payment of the 2.55 billions euro after tax for my rights to the Unique Bible mentioned at point (2) above. This step will in fact be achieved with the completion of step (4.2) above.
(D) Payment as application fee of 2% of the global penalty to be paid by humans for the damage they provoked over the years to God’s property, which is Earth. The global penalty to be paid over the years by humans is defined by the equation
Global Penalty (to be adjusted for devaluation with an interest rate of 4.75%) = 17.906 GDP + 0.054 * GDP * T (where T defined above and the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product of each country in the year 2008 according to CIA’s Fact Book)
(E) Reduction in the consumption of all natural resources to the Global  Final Level given by the equation bellow. God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth will assign the quotas for each country on a yearly basis.
Global Final Level = Current Global Level * (0.43 – 0.00014 * T), where T defined above.
(F) Submission in digital form of all data regarding citizens, government, industry, etc of each country, as mentioned in my book.
(G) Total disarmament for all countries and their citizens, small firearms included, because with them humans kill animals which are a precious property of God.  
With God’s Property achieved through various penalties and the final settlement mentioned above, God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth will design and implement the establishment of God’s Heaven on Earth. God’s Unique Spokesperson for Earth will have to fully justify to God the admission of every single person to God’s Heaven on Earth.

All the observations made in this document express my conclusion, after 14 years of intensive engineering work, that this is the only realistic engineering solution to the extreme and obvious problems that with ease we notice today on Earth and are mentioned in the present document. I want to notice the simple fact that most, if not all, of the views expressed in this document, which some of you may view as radical, where in fact written at the suggestion of God, as it can be easily verified by related coincidences with probability of about 1 in 100 millions that occurred to me and are well documented in my book. Since God designated me as His Unique Spokesperson for Earth, He obviously approves my book, and particularly this document, as a first decision of the Supreme Court of Justice on Earth, God's Decision on Judgment Day. Nevertheless, as it is the case with any civilized community, God encourages you to publicly express any objections to this decision, such that both God and the general population of Earth may have an opportunity to listen to them. God also encourages you to do what I did, that is in the event you already have an alternative global solution to Earth's problem, which God considers that you should have, then to publish it on the Internet pending God's consideration or even approval. These solution have to be fully justified from the engineering point of view, to properly recognize God's rights on Earth and to be sustainable for at least the next 1000 years, that is for future generations of humans to also enjoy the benefits from the consumption of natural resources that the present generation enjoys while the balance of various species in the animal and plant world to be restored to the levels that existed 100 years ago.

15:00:00 UTC 3.22.13
Bucharest, Romania
Dr. Leonidas G. Paparizos
Candidate for the position of God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth
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