Monday, 2000 hrs "CERT Practice Net" Script

The Script that follows may be download as a PDF file using this link:


v--------------------W6PIY repeaters usually linked ------------------------v

W6PIY-6m (52.58- MHz, PL 151.4Hz)

W6PIY-2m (147.390+ MHz, PL 151.4Hz)

W6PIY-1.25m (223.960- MHz, PL 156.7Hz)

v------------------- W6PIY repeaters usually linked after 1945 hours -------------------v

W6PIY-0.70m (441.350+ MHz, PL 88.5Hz)

W6PIY-0.23m (1286.2- MHz, PL 100Hz)

This is [namecall sign], Net Control for the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno CERT Practice Net, on W6PIY repeaters.  

I will yield now for any emergency or priority traffic before starting tonight’s practice net.      (PAUSE)

We meet here each Monday evening at 8PM to give local CERT neighborhood leaders and members an opportunity to exercise their radio equipment and on-the-air skills.  Non-CERT members and Guests are welcome and will be called following CERT member check-ins.

First CERT member check-in now with your First Name, FCC Call Sign, and Neighborhood.

   (PAUSE ... acknowledge each check-in as received)

Next CERT member please ...

   (CONTINUE until no more check-ins)


Non-CERT members and Guests please check-in now...

   (PAUSE ... acknowledge each check-in as received,                                     REPEAT until no more check-ins)

If you have additional traffic, please give just your call-sign and you will be called after all requests have been made.

   (PAUSE ... acknowledge each callsign requesting traffic)

Will (name) please acknowledge being Net Control next week?

   (Acknowledge (name) if (name) responds, if not then say)

No response.  We will contact (name) by email or find a substitute for next Monday. 

This is [namecall sign],  closing the LG/MS CERT Practice Net on W6PIY at [time] with [count] check-ins.  

Thanks to all participants tonight for joining us.

We gratefully thank the West Valley Amateur Radio Association  for their generous permission to use their repeaters for our practice and emergency use.  Information about WVARA can be found on their web site W-V-A-R-A dot O-R-G.  

This repeater is now returned to normal use.

 [call sign] clear

rev 3.2, Apr 24, 2016

Peter Hertan,
Jul 12, 2016, 10:51 PM