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We currently have 49 active members. Our goal is to have 64 members by the end of 2018.  We need that number of active members to provide sufficient coverage of our designated locations in emergencies for periods of up to 72 hours.  

We plan to achieve these goals by helping more CERT members get their Amateur Radio license. Almost all of our members are CERT trained.

An active member is one who has made radio contact with us during the past 12 months and is willing to engage in emergency volunteer activities within Los Gatos & Monte Sereno.

The population of Los Gatos is about 30,500 and Monte Sereno is 3,500, for a combined total population of 34,000 (77.7% are 18 or older).  The FCC database lists just over 450 combined residents (with a Post Office address of Los Gatos or Monte Sereno) having a current ham radio license.  That is, 1.7% of the LG/MS population 18 or older.  The incidence of hams across the U.S. at the end of 2015 was 0.3% of the population 18 and older.  It's clear that the percentage varies with the demographics of each region.