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The Los Gatos-Monte Sereno ARES-RACES group Leadership Activities:
  • Represent the organization at meetings with town and county emergency and public safety personnel   on matters relating to amateur radio communications.
  • Assign the weekly Check-in Net Control function for LG/MS members and assign the reporter of the results  to the Santa Clara County weekly SVECS city check-ins
  • Conduct the monthly Hospital Net practice at El Camino Hospital - Los Gatos using the emergency radio equipment in the Hospital Command Center
  • Organize and conduct the monthly membership meetings
  • Assign the Net Control role for LG/MS at the SVECS check-in (once every 11 weeks)
  • Manage the LG/MS ARES-RACES activities in support of the quarterly Countywide ARES-RACES exercises
  • Organize and manage the communications support for the Annual LG/MS Children's Holiday Parade
  • Manage the content of the group's website
  • Manage the content of the group's educational offerings
  • Manage the analog radio equipment
  • Manage the digital radio equipment including implementation and maintenance of the WEN node


posted Aug 24, 2014, 5:44 PM by Peter Hertan   [ updated Jan 13, 2018, 1:28 PM ]

The 2018 Leadership positions

EC/CRO (ARES Emergency Communications Coordinator and RACES Chief Radio Officer)
    Peter L Hertan, K6PLH, phertan@alum.mit.edu,  408.315.0209
    (Membership Officer)

AEC/ARO (ARES Assistant Emergency Communications Coordinators and RACES Assistant Radio Officers) 
    Patrick Dirks, N6PWD (Emergency Operations Officer)
    Bill Frantz, AE6JV (Analog Radio Technology Officer)
    Peri Frantz, KI6SLX (Media Content Officer
    Gregg Kerlin, KM6CLI (Digital Radio Technology Officer)
    Terry Shoup, N6WYA (Training Officer)
    Juval Lowy, KK6YZS (Performance Measures/QA Officer)
    Clay Couger, WC6YJ (Safety Officer)
    Matthew Hudes, N6XJL (Planning Officer)

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