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Radio Frequencies Info

Los Gatos - Monte Sereno ARES-RACES Emergency Radio Communications

Good Samaritan Hospital - W6PIY is on the roof
The W6PIY Repeaters are on the Roof of Good "Sam" Hospital

VOICE (within Santa Clara County)

    Local Controlled Channels
    Resource Net repeater (go here first in an emergency): 
    W6PIY-2, 2 meter band 
    > 147.390MHz, + offset, 151.4 Hz CTCSS/PL (which should be set for both Transmit and Receive)
    Sometimes the 2 meter channel is linked to W6PIY's other channels (on other bands) 
       (for the full list of channels, see: http://www.wvara.org/onair.html)
   Command Net (go to this repeater as appropriate):
   W6PIY-7 Repeater, 70 cm band
    >  441.350MHz, + offset, 88.5 Hz CTCSS/PL tone

   Local Tactical Channels
   Tac 1: Primary VHF Tactical Channel (the working channel after checking-in to the Resource Net, when you are deployed) 
    > 147.480MHz, Simplex, 88.5 Hz CTCSS/PL tone
   Tac 2: Secondary VHF Tactical Channel & LG-MS CERT VHF Tactical Channel
    > 146.595MHz, Simplex, 88.5 Hz CTCSS/PL tone
   Tac 3: Primary UHF Tactical Channel
    > 441.000MHz, Simplex, 88.5 Hz CTCSS/PL tone

   County-wide Hospital Net (Controlled Channels)
   Primary Voice Channel:  N6NFI
   > 145.230MHz, - offset, 100Hz CTCSS/PL tone
   Alternate Voice Channel:

PACKET DATA (within Santa Clara County)
   For list of Tactical Call signs, see the attached file at the bottom of this page.

   Primary Node for LG/MS (W1XSC)
    > 145.750MHz
   Alternate Node for LG/MS (W4XSC)
    > 145.690MHz

   Primary Hospital Net Node for ECH LG (W2XSC)
    > 145.690MHz
   Alternate Hospital Net Node for ECH LG (W4XSC)
    > 145.730MHz
   List of Tactical Addresses for Packet Messages associated with Los Gatos/Monte Sereno

Santa Clara County ARES-RACES Band Plans

   Amateur Radio channel assignments (band-plan):
      Voice channels:  
      Packet Message channels:  

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