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2018 Offerings

Ham Cram for FCC Amateur Radio "Technician" License
Offered annually in February, April/May, July/August, and November.  

The date of the sessions in 2018 (always a full day on the Saturday following the Santa Clara County Fire CERT Class graduation the prior Saturday):
  • February 10
  • June 2
  • August 4
  • November 17
A descriptive flyer for the 2018 classes will be downloadable from the FILES section at the bottom of this page before the end of this month.  But, the flyer is the same for each class except for the specific date so you can use the one below for Nov 11, 2017. 
To sign up, send a note to: K6PLH@yahoo.com or text to:  408-315-0209 cell.

As the Brochure points out, you will need an FCC Registration Number (FRN) before the exam. You get one by registering at the FCC FRN webpage.

You should plan on taking the online practice exam several times before the class, but recognize that you are likely to answer fewer than 10 correctly because you haven't taken the class yet.  The purpose of taking the practice exam is to get comfortable with taking the exam and knowing what you are being asked to learn to get a license. Remember, we are only trying to teach you enough to pass the exam.  Your real knowledge will come from participating in events, using your radio.

The Technician license is perfect for Emergency Communications activity.  The other licenses are valuable for purposes in addition to Emergency Communications (such as reaching national and international distances).

Try a practice exam now (will take only 15 minutes). Once on the exam page, click on [Take exam].  The more times you take it the easier it gets, but we don't expect you to even come close to passing. 

Almost everyone who has taken practice exams has passed the actual exam at the end of the Ham Cram class because your motivation to absorb the information will increase.  

If you have the time and are curious, you can see the full Question Pool from which the actual exam questions will be taken. Many of the questions may scare you, but DON'T worry, you will learn enough in class to PASS, even if you don't believe it now.

We review EVERY question in the FCC Question Pool during the Ham Cram class.  This is a link to the full question pool for the Technician license.

This is a link to the FCC Volunteer Examiners who administer the exam for us at the end of the class.  If you prefer self-study, you can take the exam from them on the first or third Saturday morning of the month in Saratoga.  Walk-ins accepted.

Hands-On-Training (HOT)
Our HOT class is offered approximately one month after each Ham Cram.  The next HOT class will be on Dec 9, 2017.  Information about the class contents will be posted in "Hands On Training" in the near future. The HOT class will give you the very practical skills needed to use a ham radio and as well as to choose your first ham radio.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training
Santa Clara County Fire offers CERT training 6 times a year in different locations within Santa Clara County.
Peter Hertan,
Nov 10, 2017, 9:27 PM
Patrick Dirks,
Nov 10, 2017, 8:41 PM
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Nov 10, 2017, 10:33 AM
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Nov 11, 2017, 1:16 PM