Los Gatos Children's Holiday Parade

Annual Parade - Overview
The Annual Los Gatos Children's Holiday Parade is held on the first Saturday of December, rain or shine. This year it was held on December 3.  Full details about this year's parade are below.  

Amateur Radio licensee volunteers from throughout Santa Clara County provide emergency radio communications support to local service and public safety agencies during the parade in case of emergencies, or lost parents.  Typically over 20 volunteers sign-up.  

The most common service provided is helping to connect lost parents with their children. The parade is always a fun and useful activity to be associated with.  Our volunteers come back each year if they are available.  We are always looking for more volunteers.  The more volunteers, the better the coverage.

A standard 2 hour DVD of the parade as it passed the corner of N. Santa Cruz Ave and Main Street is available.  The audio-video was captured by SJ RACES Amateur TV volunteers (Michael Wright and Don Apte) on a standard resolution camera which was transferred to a DVD (4.7GB, too large to store on this server).  A copy is available by request to phertan@gmail.com.

To sign-up, you must be registered with the Santa Clara County ARES-RACES.org website, which you can do here.

 #  Name                  Callsign  City
  1 Patrick Dirks        N6PWD   MS/N Santa Cruz
  2 Gregg Kerlin        KM6CLI    LG/Kennedy North
  3 Bill Frantz             AE6JV       LG/Kennedy North
  4 Peri Frantz           KI6SLX     LG/Kennedy North
  5 Terry Shoup         N6WYA    LG/The Terraces
  6 Matthew Hudes  N6YJL      LG/Civic Center
  7 Byron Beck          N6UOB    Campbell
  8 Ping Chen             KM6EPM LG/Rinconada
  9 Don Apte              AA6TV      San Jose
10 Gregory Cook      WR3K       SJ/Via Ramada
11 Betty Reutter      KJ6CBR    Milpitas
12 Michael Wright   K6MFW   San Jose